What are the best windows for a period property?

Period homes, be they Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian, were built in a specific time period and are beautifully characterised by their unique architectural styling. While each period property offers its own set of idiosyncrasies these homes have stood the test of time and offer quintessential British charm like no other.

There is little doubt that these properties have already survived hundreds of years of family life, weather extremes and general wear and tear. Inevitably, at some point there comes a time when certain key features of the home need repair and restoration to restore the property’s aesthetics and functionality. And that includes the windows.

Most period homes will have once been fitted with sliding sash windows or traditional casement designs which play a vital role in determining the unique look of a period property. Usually made from wood or metal, original period property windows are vulnerable to decay and so when the time comes to change them, where do you start?

The first thing to say is that PVC-U windows are an excellent choice for period properties – as long as you choose the right ones! Your original windows would have been made using traditional techniques and in order to preserve and maintain your window integrity you need to ensure that there is little aesthetic difference between the new PVC-U window and original timber version.

The best PVC windows for a period property will match its style

The first thing to think about is the style of the windows. When you replicate the original style in PVC-U, you’ll restore the look of your period property and get all the benefits of a modern-day window.

As a starting point, if you have a Victorian or Georgian home, they will probably have been timber sliding sash windows. If you have a period cottage or a 1920s or later home, they will probably have been flush casement windows.

The best windows will deliver modern-day benefits

The best PVC-U windows for a period property will offer incredibly authentic period looks and will also deliver all the benefits of a modern-day window.

One of the stand-out features of PVC-U windows is excellent energy efficiency. Original timber windows are likely to be draughty, but modern windows will keep your home warm and draught-free. All modern windows have to meet minimum standards for energy efficiency.

Security will be exceptional too. Again, all windows have to meet minimum security standards by law. The best will deliver reassuring peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your home and loved ones – check out for what the best PVC-U windows have to offer.

And of course, you’ll also have the benefit of low maintenance. PVC-U windows don’t need to be sanded or painted and there are no sash cords to worry about either – the best PVC-U windows feature modern technology that works much better.

So now you know the ins and outs of PVC windows, and you should have an understanding of why they are perfect for period properties, you can put some thought into whether or not they’re the right thing for you, using the information you’ve gathered today.