Product Care Guide

The Genesis Collection windows and doors are beautifully crafted and we want to help you get many years of enjoyment from them. Below is a guide to maintaining your windows and doors and keeping them in top condition, functioning well and looking good.

Maintaining Sash Windows

Maintaining modern sash windows is so much easier than maintaining old rotten timber ones.

Compared to the extensive and expensive renovation and painting of timber windows the Genesis vertical sliding sash maintenance process is very simple.

To keep your window in top condition simply give the internal and external surfaces a wipe with a warm soapy cloth to keep them looking good.

It’s also advisable to open both sashes and tilt them inwards and remove any debris such as leaves that might have collected in the cavities or slide channels.

Aside from this the only thing to do is keep the glass clean and you will enjoy your sliding sash windows for many years.

period Georgian sash windows
upvc casement window kitchen interior

Maintaining Casement Windows

Modern casement windows are maintained in very much the same was as a sliding sash.

Simply wipe down with a warm soapy cloth occasionally to keep the internal and external surfaces looking good. As with other widows it is worth checking that no debris has collected between the sash and the frame. If any dust, grime or other loose debris has collected here you can clean it out with a soft brush or vacuum nozzle.

To keep the hinges working smoothly a small drop of oil or WD40 will keep them working perfectly.

Maintaining Bifold Doors

Both the aluminium and uPVC bifold doors are manufactured using the same running gear and this is the single most important part of a bifold door. 

To ensure continued smooth operation of your bifold door it is recommended that the threshold channel is kept clear and clean. Any stones, twigs or other debris could get in the way and hinder smooth use of the doors sliding and if found should be removed.

A small amount of oil or WD40 will keep the hinges in between the doors smooth and creak free, but remember not to use too much and always wipe down with paper towels to prevent this getting on the profile. Whether an aluminium or uPVC bifold you should use a soapy warm cloth to wipe down all surfaces inside and out.

Bifold Doors
aluminium patio doors

Maintaining Patio Doors

Patio doors are maintained in very much the same way as the bifold doors in that the slide channel at the bottom must be kept clear of obstacles of any size. Stones can sometimes fall off shoes and into this cavity and it is advisable that you check this periodically to make sure you don’t have this problem. As with all the other aluminium and uPVC windows and doors the patio slider is best wiped down, inside and out, with a warm cloth with a small amount of washing up liquid.