Edwardian Windows

Style and Elegance of Double Glazed Windows.

The distinctive design of Edwardian windows came into being at the start of the 20th century and was a relatively short lived period when compared to the Georgian and Victorian eras which preceded it.

The restriction of the earlier designs began to ease and Edwardian architects and had greater freedom regarding the layout and style of windows.

Typically featuring six panes in the upper sash and one or two panes in the lower sash the Edwardian sliding sash window has a very recognisable and distinctive style.

This layout can be reliably replicated using the Genesis sliding sash window thanks to the assorted period features and design options that are available.

Every Edwardian style window we make is made to look as close to the original as possible and very often can’t be distinguished from it’s timber ancestor.

Installation is a key part of the process and choosing a good quality installer to fit your Edwardian windows is an important component.

If you don’t have your own installation contractor simply enter your postcode in the top right of this website we will help you find one near to you.

Edwardian Style Windows for Beauty and Performance.

The bespoke nature of our manufacturing process means that every aspect of the Edwardian style can be accurately replicated to deliver truly authentic looks coupled with modern performance benefits.

Run through sash horns and bespoke astragal bar layout in addition to deep bottom rails means that the appearance of our Edwardian sliding sash window can be produced without compromise.

As with other periods the Edwardian windows are often found in conservation areas, near city centres and sometimes in grade listed properties.

Coupled with Gothic influence the decoration of the Edwardian window became more intricate and the Genesis Vertical slider has been designed to match each and every detail.
Also available with a shaped top the Edwardian windows can be produced with anything from a full Gothic arch through to a more simple an gentle curve and whatever the shape it will be made exactly to your specifications.

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