Arched Windows

Style and Elegance of Arched Windows

Arches and shapes are often found in period and modern properties and are designed to offer a beautiful feature, maintain character or add an extra layer of authenticity.

There is a wide variety of shapes and arches available to suit most properties and each one is specified and manufactured to match the exact shape of the opening.

There are a number of popular shapes that apply to both casement windows and sliding sash windows that can be manufactured and these include shallow arches, true arches, gothic arches, and raked or shaped tops.

arched windows

Arched uPVC Windows for Beauty and Performance

Each and every shaped or arched frame is manufactured with the Genesis attention to detail for the perfect fit and appearance.
Whatever the shape, size, or proportion we work with our customers to create sympathetic restorations in a variety of settings. 

Arched Window Styles

arched windows

True Arches

True arches are often used in feature windows and are sometimes very tall to allow lots of light in to a room, landing or staircase. What determines a true arch is the steepness of the curve and technically should have a radius which is constant through 180 degrees.
A true arch mirrored would produce a perfect circle.

Because there is a geometric basis for the production of this specification we would not necessarily need a template for manufacturing purposes.

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Shallow Arches

Shallow arches differ to true arches in the respect that they have a radius which is shorter towards the apex than it is towards the sides. As a result shallow arches can only be manufactured with the supply of a template.

Your window installation contractor should create any templates which are usually made from a firm material such as cardboard or chipboard and give us an exact indication of the size and shape of the arch needed.

arched windows

Gothic Arches

Gothic arches have a very distinctive shape which reaches a point at the apex where the two sections meet.
As with the shallow arches the steepness of the arch can vary and so templates would be required before manufacture.

Many period properties feature Gothic arches which will add to the authenticity of your installation. As with other shaped styles the Gothic arch is made to order as per your exact requirements

Angled and raked tops are also available in both casement products and aluminum windows & doors to complete a contemporary extension, renovation, or new build.

These bespoke shapes mean we can provide very individual windows and doors that will add the wow factor to your home.

If you have any questions about shapes or arches please contact a member of the Genesis team HERE.

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