Sliding Patio Doors

Simplicity and Functionality at its finest.

The Genesis Collection is all about quality & performance and our patio doors in the range are no exception. Beautiful looks, durability and a sensational choice of colour means you can enhance your home and enjoy the extra light they provide. Whether building, renovating or extending your home the Genesis collection has stunning options that will brighten any space creating light and spacious living areas.

The patio doors in the collection have taken centre stage again as homeowners are looking to opt for a solution that results in more glass area and less profile structure.

This resurgence with our customers has made Genesis patio doors a very popular option as a door onto the garden from your kitchen or lounge and it’s easy to understand why. These beautiful doors maximise the available light and let you take in more of the view whilst keeping you both warm and secure.

You may also wish to browse our bifold door range available in both aluminium and uPVC.

sliding patio doors
sliding patio doors

Aluminium Patio Doors


uPVC Patio Doors

sliding patio doors

Quality by Design.

The Genesis Collection patio doors are available in both aluminium and uPVC and are expertly crafted to your exact specifications & requirements and will operate smoothly and effortlessly.

The aluminium patio doors are manufactured using the WarmCore patio door system and the uPVC patio doors are Genesis Patio24.

Each set of doors has an overall maximum width of 6 metres wide and each door leaf can be up 1.5 metres wide providing the ultimate solution for any home.

Our patio doors can be manufactured to open to the left or right and have a wide assortment of threshold options to optimise the integration with your home inside and out.

All our products, including the sliding patio doors, are meticulously crafted in our factory in the heart of Yorkshire and we have been making them for the UK market for almost two decades.

Discover the Benefits
of Sliding Patio Doors



Genesis patio doors are beautifully crafted and ideal whatever your property design, type or age. Whether you’re going for a contemporary aesthetic with grey patio doors and black patio doors, or you want to mimic old-style charm with woodgrain finishes – anything is possible.

Manufactured using only the finest quality components in conjunction with a wide variety of other bespoke options means Genesis patio sliding doors are some of the best and most reliable on the market.
Complete your home or extension project with these stunning and secure patio doors.



All Genesis doors are manufactured with the unbeatable levels of security additional features to protect your home & family. Each set of doors is made with only the best locking mechanisms and components ensuring you are safe and secure. 

Two well recognised security standards are also available ‘Secured by Design’ which is the police approved standard and PAS24 which meets newbuild regulations.  

Energy efficient Vertical silding sash

Energy saving

With a combination of energy efficient glass and other attributes Genesis patio doors offer some of the most impressive energy ratings in the industry.

Using energy efficient glass, argon cavities and multi-chambered construction your home will be toasty and warm, looking great and with lower utility bills too.

Quality Guarantee

Our different Genesis patio doors are built with an attention to detail delivering exceptional quality and are supplied with a 10-year guarantee.

Ease of Installation

Sliding patio doors are a key feature in many homes and you can rely on the Genesis team to guide you through the process of choosing the right doors for you and your family. We have many decades of manufacturing experience in the industry and take great pride in the quality of every set of patio doors. This in addition to our unrivalled customer service means that you can buy with confidence.

Whether you are just considering your options, at the planning stage of redesigning your kitchen, or looking to add a feature to your new build, our team of experts are here to help with your project.

Patio doors have a simple and elegant design and to complete any successful installation we would advise that they are fitted by a trained installer.

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Sliding Patio Door FAQ's

Your patios can be configured to open left or right depending on your needs.
With a 2 panel and a 3 panel one door will open with the remaining door(s) being fixed. With a 4 panel configuration the two middle doors slide away from the centre and behind the two outer fixed panes.

In both aluminium and PVC the maximum overall door width is the same at 6.0m and each leaf/pane has a maximum width of 1.5m

It really depends on how plan to use your patio, how many doors it has and of course what size it is.
It also worth looking at where you would like the opening sections to give internal and external access and they can be made to operate in the most practical way for you.

A wide selection of colours are available in both PVC and aluminium patio doors. The PVC patio has numerous stock colours and woodgrain finishes. The aluminium patio doors have 4 stock colours as standard. Black, white, grey and cream but for a little extra can be bespoke coloured to any RAL colour code of your choice.

Yes, both the PVC and aluminium versions of the patio door can be double or triple glazed.

Adjusting Patio doors is a process best left to a professional fitter or installation technician. What is particularly important is that the doors are fitted true and level to optimise the operation.

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There is a selection of integral blinds for the Geneis patio doors. With a maximum size of 2 square meters per pane thi is a popular choice for many. It may be possible to retro fit separate blinds but and it would be advisable to secure them to the wall or surround.

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To keep patio doors open you need do nothing special. Simply open the doors to the desire width and they will naturally hold their position.

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Yes, both aluminium and PVC patios are available with a variety of threshold and cill options to suit just about any installation setting. Full specifications can be found in the brochures here.