External Bifold Doors


Bifold Doors

Aluminium bifold doors are the perfect choice for your home if you are looking for a structurally strong, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing door. These doors are available in a choice of colours and opening configurations. Visit this page to see more about our aluminium bifold doors in Barnsley.

Aluminium bifold door


Aluminium Bifold Doors

uPVC bifold doors

uPVC bifold doors are perfect for any home. They are so versatile with an almost unlimited choice of colours, extremely energy efficient they will keep your home cosy and warm and allow you to enjoy the view. Each set of doors in manufactured to your exact requirements enabling you to create the most practical and stunning feature for your home.

Each set of doors is bespoke manufactured to the highest standards ensuring they will perfectly suited to the style of your home. They are beautiful, have a wide choice of options, available in PAS24 for ultimate security and easy to clean.


uPVC Bifold Doors

Our doors are the perfect answer when you want to merge your home and your garden and enable access between both. Our bifolding doors can be manufactured up to 6 metres wide, meaning that if you open them fully you will really maximise the way you can open up your home and create that wonderful feeling of space. We provide bifold doors in Barnsley and all around the UK. It’s so nice to be able to enjoy the garden and home as one and when the weather permits Genesis Collection products can help give you these benefits. Our bifold doors have the option to stack either internally or externally and can be configured to open in the middle or to either side. Genesis doors are manufactured exactly to your needs, are designed suit your home perfectly and will operate smoothly and easily.

Our bifolding doors are an extremely popular choice with our customers and it’s easy to understand why. These doors have stunning looks, serve all the purposes that you may need from an exterior door, and have reliable safety and security features that ensure your home is a safe and secure. If you want bifold doors in Barnsley, Genesis Collection are the company for you!