Case Study

Edwardian Period Renovation - Yorkshire

This beautiful Edwardian property in Yorkshire was recently renovated and in this case study we will look at the homeowner’s reasons for choosing Genesis Vertical sliding sash windows.

Built circa 1910 this lovely detached house was recently purchased by a family and duringtheir first winter in the house they began to realise that the original timber sliding sash windows were causing a number of problems which needed addressing. 

The original timber sash windows were single glazed and were rotten in patches and both of these problems meant the house was exceptionally cold in winter and the owners were having to spend extra on fuel bills to keep the house warm.  

The rotten sections of timber were predominantly in areas where water could ingress and this made the problem worse over time and meant they were difficult to repair, had damp patches in the plasterwork and mildew forming in some rooms.
The initial thought was to have the timber windows repaired and this work was quoted for by a local timber window renovation specialist but the prices were very expensive meaning the homeowners felt that money would be better put towards replacing the windows instead.

Genesis Collection Case Studies

The homeowners next preference was to replace like with like and use timber sliding sash windows and invited a number of reputable timber sliding sash companies to quote.

Although the direct replacements quoted were double glazed, the prices were extremely expensive and did not solve the problem of costly routine maintenance.

Research online also uncovered that many modern timber windows are no longer manufactured to the same standards that they were over a hundred years ago. Problems with the timber, softwood or hardwood, not being fully aged meant that it was prone to warping, twisting and releasing moisture which in a very short space of time makes the windows impractical to maintain.

The priority was that the house retained its period charm and that any replacement MUST look like timber, even it wasn’t and so the homeowner began to do some online research for timber alternative windows. 

They found 
the Genesis Vertical Slider which is made using modern materials and has been designed and refined over many years to offer one of the most authentic timber alternative windows available today.

Built with traditional butt joints the Genesis sliding sash window looks sublime with a natural painted woodgrain finish and period features including deep bottom rails, astragal bar and decorative sash horns.

The original windows were painted cream and the homeowner was looking for a change and selected agate grey woodgrain which in combination with the other details made the windows look very convincing.

The next stage was to get a no obligation quote from Genesis to see how the prices compared to timber, they were pleasantly surprised as these great looking windows saved a significant amount and removed the need for laborious and expensive ongoing maintenance. 

The customer had their own fitting contractor who carried out a detailed site survey to determine the exact specifications needed to complete the order. 

Genesis Collection Case Studies
Genesis Vertical Sliding Sash Window

A few weeks later the new sliding sash windows were delivered and the fitting contractor installed the windows very sympathetically and the results were outstanding.

Neighbours were completely deceived into thinking that timber windows had been installed when in fact they were looking at a very good alternative to timber.

The end results were quite stunning and the property was renovated to a very high standard and lost none of it’s period charm.
What the customer particularly enjoyed was the ability to have the windows bespoke manufactured to their exact requirements down to the finest detail.

With A rated double glazing the windows soon saw energy bills quickly begin to fall in the months following installation as the improved insulation and superior energy rating began to pay dividends.

No more draughty, damp and cold sash windows.

In addition to the aesthetic qualities the homeowner was also keen to see that the windows were totally secure and was pleased to see that twin locks were fitted to all windows along with sash restrictors for extra safety. 
We hope that you will agree that the combination of this period property and the Genesis sliding sash windows has been a truly successful one. 
If you have a period property that you are renovating and would like some down to earth advice on how best to approach it do get in touch. We have a friendly team of knowledgeable people on hand to cover your questions and help you design the perfect sash windows for your home.