How to fit blinds to uPVC windows

So you’ve got new blinds for your uPVC windows. There are many things you may want to know about how to fit your blinds. Can you attach them directly to your windows? What other things do you need to bear in mind when you are fitting blinds to uPVC windows?

In this guide we’ll give guidance on how to fit your blinds. We’ll also think about some of the other things you should consider when it comes to learning how to fit your blinds.

Fitting blinds to uPVC windows

It is perfectly OK to fit blinds directly onto uPVC windows. However, if you’d rather not, we’ve given some thoughts in the next section of this guide.

If you do want to fit blinds to uPVC windows, the first thing to check is that when the blinds are closed nothing on the window will get in the way. For example, the window handle might mean the blind won’t hang straight down, which will spoil the appearance.

Once you’ve checked that, it’s time to start fitting your blinds to your uPVC windows.

The first step is to position the brackets that will hold your blinds. Measure carefully to make sure the brackets are evenly spaced to give a neat appearance.

Take a pencil and mark the holes where the screws to hold the brackets will go.

Next, take your drill and drill small guide holes over each pencil mark.

Now, take the first bracket and a screw. Gently drill the screw into the relevant hole in your frame to attach the bracket to the frame. Stop before it is tight. Repeat this for any other screws on this bracket. Finally, tighten all the screws on this bracket.

Repeat this process for all the brackets for your blinds.

The last step is to fit your blinds to the brackets and check everything is secure and works correctly.

Reasons why you might not want to fit blinds to uPVC windows

There are lots of reasons you might not want to fit blinds to uPVC windows. The first is that you don’t want to damage the integrity of your windows.

As an alternative, you could think about integral blinds, which enclose the blind within the double-glazed panes. It’s a neat, low maintenance solution that is particularly good in households with small children or pets, where dangling cords could be dangerous. 

You might also think about fitting blinds to the wall above the uPVC window. This will also avoid any problem of handles jutting out and spoiling the line of the blinds when they are closed.

Of course, you might also not want to have blinds at all because your windows are too beautiful to cover up. Modern windows are very energy efficient so you might not need blinds to keep the cold out and the warmth in either.

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