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When starting to refine your search for good quality casement windows there are a number of key considerations to help you make your decision. Genesis are on hand to guide you through the whole process, whether you have just a vague idea or detailed specification for your home or building project.

Below we outline the main features, benefits and considerations of purchasing casement windows.

Casement windows are defined by the way that they open, whereby the full window frame opens outward or inwards, attached to the frame by its hinges. The alternative to this of course, being sash windows, where a section moves up or down along sliding joints.

One major point to note is to understand the difference between a standard casement and a flush casement and this is a primary aesthetic to appreciate in addition to whether you choose uPVC or aluminium.

A standard casement is designed and manufactured with the opener, or sash, sitting on and overlapping the outer frame. In doing this is it provides a very efficient weather seal due to the compression that is applied between the frame and the opener.

This is probably the most commonly seen style of window in most properties throughout the UK.

Flush casement windows differ from standard casement windows in respect of the sash, or opener, being ‘flush’ with the outer frame – hence the name.

This delivers a unique look that can be useful in period properties, renovations and newbuilds.

Flush casement window alternative to timber

High Quality Casement Windows Design.

The Genesis Collection is made using 2 materials, aluminium and uPVC.

The standard casement windows are made in both and the Flush casement is only available in uPVC.

Standard uPVC casements are available but not as part of the Genesis Collection.

The Genesis Flush casement window combines the beauty and elegance of traditional windows with all the benefits of modern materials, namely maintenance-free security and thermal efficiency. 

It makes a stunning addition to both traditional and contemporary buildings, transforming period homes, country cottages and modern townhouses alike. You could go for grey casement windows or black casement windows if you want to be on-trend. Or alternatively you have the choice of several woodgrain finishes for old-style appeal. No matter your preference, its unrivalled aesthetic appeal makes it one of the most attractive and authentic flush casement windows on the market today.

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Aluminium Casement Windows

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uPVC Flush Casement Windows

Discover the Benefits of
Casement Windows

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Casement windows or Flush Casement windows are a great choice if you are looking for a traditional or contemporary look.

Crafted with care and attention to detail for beautiful looks both inside and outside.

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Great aesthetics, high security performance, outstanding energy efficiency and a great choice of colour and hardware. All this means you can create the perfect windows for your home or building project.

Quality Guarantee

Our casement windows are built to last and come with a minimum 10-year guarantee

Ease of Installation

Installation should always be carried out by a trained professional whether that is yourself, your builder, a window fitter or one of the Genesis collection network of installers.

If you are looking for an installer near you simply enter your postcode at the top right of the website and click enter. A map will then be displayed with the 5 installers nearest your location.

Casement Window FAQ's

This will depend largely on the style your property and how you would like it to look. Standard casement windows will look traditional but won’t have the sleek appearance of the flush casement window. The flush is a very versatile choice as it’s suits 1920’s style homes and new houses equally well.

Yes, everything in the Genesis Collection is made to order and this includes size, design, frame & hardware colour, glass specifications and cill sizes.

This depends on which material you choose. The UPVC Flush casement has 30 stock colour combinations and 20 special foils in addition to a bespoke spraying service. The aluminium windows are either black or white from stock but also have the option to be powder coated ANY RAL colour of your choosing.

Yes we have a wide variety of glazing options either double or triple glazed if needed.
It’s also worth pointing out that glass specifications and performance have advanced greatly and can be manufactured to deliver energy efficiency, security and noise reduction.

No modern casement window should be draughty. All Genesis windows carry a 10 year guarantee are are certified as being both weatherproof and energy efficient.

See here for more info.

As with other window types it’s best not to fit blinds directly to the window itself. If the frames are big enough it may be possible to fit integral blinds within the glass. This is a very neat solution which sees the window blinds operated by a sliding control magnet.

See here for more info.