Using Windows to Reduce Energy Bills and Protect the Environment.

Many households across the UK are already struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living and one thing that is on all our minds this winter is the cost of energy. One way to combat high fuel prices and help reduce your carbon footprint is by installing energy-efficient windows. Not only will it refresh the look of your property and increase the value of your home but you can also stay nice and warm through the colder winter months.

Here at Genesis Collection we understand that replacing all your windows might seem like a costly exercise, however, the savings over time will out-weigh the initial costs and it’s a valuable investment for you and your property.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at some of the reasons why installing our windows could reduce your energy bills and how much you could save. 

What is ‘Energy Efficient Glazing’? 

You may come across many articles informing you that installing double-glazed windows or triple glazing referred to as ‘Energy-Efficient Glazing’. This is because both double and triple glazing offer sealed units made with features to optimise thermal performance.

The main advantage of double and triple glazing is thermal insulation, which helps keep your room warm while preventing cold air from entering, increasing the space’s energy efficiency. The less heat you lose through your home, the fewer fossil fuels you will need to burn to stay warm, ultimately reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your bills. We make sure that all of our products in the Genesis Collection are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Check out our Genesis Collection Windows now. 

Below are some further benefits of adding energy-efficient glazing to your home. 

Benefits of adding energy-efficient windows 

  • Heat retention and making your home a warmer place. 

Just adding double or triple-glazed windows to your home will actually lead to less heat loss through windows thanks to energy-efficient glazing. This also means that your windows will be less susceptible to draughts and cold spots.

  • Noise Reduction 

Energy-efficient windows not only keep the heat inside, but they also shield your house from outside noise. Making your home a peaceful place throughout every season.

  • Decrease in condensation

Condensation buildup on the interior of windows can be eliminated by the energy-efficient glass. Meaning your windows will last longer and keep your home free from mould or condensation-related damages. 

Materials for windows that save energy

The efficiency of a window’s energy performance is determined by how well these materials retain heat, how much sunlight passes through the glass, and how little air may leak around the window. There are now a variety of different frame materials and styles available on the market for energy-efficient windows which are designed to minimise the transfer of cold from the outside.

uPVC and Wood Effect –  Frames constructed of uPVC, wood effect, or another material supports double or triple glazed sealed units together providing you with the perfect energy-efficient windows. 

Double Glazing  – In double-glazed windows, the units are is usually 28mm thick with a 20mm gap between the two sheets of glass. This allows for heat to be retained in the home and the insertion of argon gas further improves the insulation properties and performance.

Triple Glazing – Three glass sheets with two argon filled spaces in between make up triple-glazed windows. They usually offer improved insulation when compared to many other double-glazed window options. 

How much can you save? 

A key question you might be asking is “how much can you actually save if you install energy-efficient windows?” This is difficult to accurately calculate as there are so many factors that affect the impact the energy efficiency of your home such as effective roof insulation or cavity wall insulation.

However, we do have a recent example of a customer who owns a Victorian/Edwardian period property which previously had leaky, draughty timber sliding sash windows. His bills had become worryingly high with recent price increases. After replacing his old timber windows with the Genesis Sliding Sash Windows and monitoring their gas consumption, our customers found that the bills went down by approximately £250 per quarter in comparison to previous winters.

As you can see, our customers often find that new windows soon begin to make a noticeable reduction in energy consumption and the associated bills.

If you are wondering how much you can save by adding some brand-new energy-efficient windows to your property, get in contact with us today.