Finding the Best and Most Energy-Efficient Aluminium Windows

When looking for brand-new windows, with thousands of designs and materials out there it can be a struggle to find the perfect fit for you. One of the sturdiest materials to make windows out of is Aluminium. 

Windows made of aluminium have become a popular choice for many homeowners due to their durability and long-lasting attributes making them the natural choice. That being said every form of window, including aluminium windows, has advantages and disadvantages. 

At Genesis Collection our philosophy has always been to inform potential customers as clearly as possible before they make final decisions on purchasing any windows or doors. That’s why we have put together this helpful guide to all aluminium windows, so keep reading to find out the benefits and drawbacks. You can also find helpful information here on how to find the best and most energy-efficient aluminium windows for you.

Why Use Aluminium Windows? 

Aluminium windows are the perfect solution to take on the British weather, as they are not only strong and durable, but also resist the impact of the local changes in weather and temperatures. But what are some of the other benefits to adding aluminium windows to your home? 

The Benefits of Aluminium Windows 

  • Affordable – Aluminium is one of the more affordable materials for new windows that you will find. Fibreglass and wood are typically more expensive when you are looking to replace all the windows within your home.

  • Durability and Long Lasting – Aluminium windows are made using a combination of aluminium inner and outer surface with a chambered inner core called Warmcore. This is particularly effective at resisting the elements making aluminium one of the strongest windows on the market and meaning they are less likely to need replacing as the years go by.

  • Offered in a Range of Colours and Designs. – They are offered in a variety of colours and designs. Investing in a pre-coloured design will ensure that your aluminium windows will stay that colour for years to come. Check out our Aluminium window designs here.

  • Lightweight Design – Although Aluminum is a metal, due to the narrower sections, it’s actually one of the lightest weight window materials to work with. Additionally it can be manufactured to bespoke sizes, designs and specifications to suit your exact window needs.

The Drawbacks of Other Aluminium Windows 

They sound great, but what’s the downside? Many Aluminium windows aesthetically look good but they do struggle to provide homeowners with the required energy ratings needed. Let’s take a look at some of the main drawbacks of other traditional aluminium windows. 

  • Aluminium is a poor heat insulator compared to other materials used to create window frames. 
  • Another problem is that inside windows with an aluminium frame, moisture or even condensation can accumulate and cause issues. 

The Best and most Energy-Efficient Aluminium Windows 

At Genesis we made it our mission to combat the drawbacks of aluminium windows and create the solution to energy-efficient aluminium windows. We looked to improve these two main factors: 

  1. Increase the energy efficacy rating of all our aluminium windows. 
  2. Create contemporary-looking aluminium windows that will fit any style of any home renovation. 

The Solution: Genesis Warmcore aluminium systems were developed and created. 

What is Genesis WarmCore? 

Our aluminium windows include WarmCore technology, which means they are made with a special chambered thermal core to offer the highest level of thermal efficiency without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. 

Featuring a revolutionary chambered inner core (hence the name Warmcore) our aluminium doors and windows deliver unbeatable U-values and WER ratings which ultimately reduce energy consumption and fuel bills.

This combination of modernity and thermal performance is what makes the Warmcore system so popular with new builds and renovations alike.

Finding the Best Aluminium Windows – Renovations 

At Genesis we understand that when you are looking to renovate your home you will likely want to get the most energy-efficient aluminium windows possible to reduce your energy costs. That’s why our Double glazed U-values deliver an impressive 1.3W/m2k as a standard and this can be improved to 0.8W/m2k with the upgrade to triple glazing.

The combination of the innovative Warmcore aluminium window system coupled with top-performing double-glazing or triple-glazed units gives homeowners warmth and protection all year round, especially from the winter elements.

Finding the Best Aluminium Windows – New Builds 

In a newbuild it is required that the build be carried out within predetermined energy performance standards, which forms part of the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations. 

For this reason, most new home builders will be keen to get the energy performance on their aluminium windows as low as possible to contribute to the overall calculations.  

Check out our Aluminium Casement Windows here to find durable and energy efficient windows that will keep the heat in your Newbuilds.