Timberweld Heritage Corner Joints


Genesis Introduce Timberweld Joints to the Flush doors and Windows.

As part of the continued development of the Genesis Collection,  Bison Frames has now added the Flush Timberweld jointing option to the Flush windows, Flush doors and Flush French doors.

Being at the forefront of product innovation and development has always been important to Bison Frames and the addition of Timberweld joints to the Flush window and Flush door ranges reinforces that commitment.

What is Timberweld?

Timberweld corner joints have been developed to give a heritage appearance akin to those found on the timber window and timber door equivalent.

This timber alternative window and timber alternative door system has extremely convincing aesthetics and gives that special touch that our customer appreciate.

What are the benefits of Timberweld?

Up until now the Flush Casement windows and flush casement doors were manufactured with either Graf weld, as standard, or with fully mechanical joints. Mechanical joints, although an extra cost over Graf weld, are often preferred by homeowners as they provide a more realistic alternative to timber for conservation areas. When compared to the fully mechanical joint, the Timberweld is fused in the corners rather than using screws to hold the frame together but still provide the same Heritage look inside and out.

This means that the window gives the fully mechanical appearance internally and externally and also has no scope for movement in the corners over time.

How much is Timberweld?

Thanks to investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment our Timberweld prices are likely to be similar to the fully mechanical option. If you need to save a few pounds or looking to cost engineer a project the Graf weld may be a better solution.

We are happy to provide no obligation supply only quotes for Timberweld flush casement windowsflush French doors and flush doors.

How does Timberweld compare to Grafweld?

Graf weld on our flush windowsflush doors and flush French doors is a fantastic option for most properties and many situations. However if the property is in a conservation area or you have a particular liking for an old fashioned timber like joint it probably won’t be the right choice.
A Graf weld has a hairline almost invisible diagonal join where the corners are fused whereas the Timberweld has old fashioned butt style joints that look like their mechanical counterpart and are easily recognised as they have horizontal and vertical joins.

The Timberweld corner of both the outer frame and sash are well regarded by planners Nationwide although planning consent is very much an individual matter to be assessed on a case by case basis.

If you are looking for the ultimate traditional heritage appearance then the Timberweld offer both looks and strength in abundance.