How does Triple Glazing work?

It feels like only yesterday everyone was raving about double glazing over single glazing, but did you know triple glazing (one extra pane of glass) is a thing! While it may not seem like adding an extra pane of glass to a window would do much for your home, it could actually make a significant difference. The extra glass will potentially further lower outside noise levels and might even improve the efficiency of your home by preventing more heat from escaping.

It’s worth bearing in mind as we go through this article that thanks to advances in glass technology there are sometimes better solutions that aren’t triple glazed. They are part of a variety of glass options that will deliver certain performance standards based on a range of specifications, at Genesis Collection we always aim to find the best solution for your home and needs.

triple glazing

How does Triple Glazing work?

In its simplest terms, triple glazing is three panes of glass inside your window, instead of two or one. With two Low E glass panes and one Low Iron glass pane, triple glazing uses three panes of glass to retain heat as effectively as possible. Each Low E window has an imperceptible metal layer that aids in heat reflection back into the house. A thermally optimised spacer bar is positioned between each glass pane to prevent heat loss from the unit’s edges. Each glass pane is filled with Argon gas, which helps to keep heat from escaping the house.

That’s the science behind it, now let’s take a look at how installing triple glazing may benefit you and your home.

1. Noise Reduction

Imagine  a lazy Sunday morning in bed, treating yourself to that much needed lie-in when all of a sudden the neighbours dogs start barking, car alarms start going off and you can’t get back to sleep. Let’s face it, life is noisy but your home shouldn’t have to be. 

Triple glazing can be designed to reduce noise by having a third pane of laminated glass to protect against sound. The three panes of glass not only act as a form of soundproofing, but the two areas of gas-filled air in between the panes also work well to reduce and muffle outside noise.

If you value your peace and quiet, check out our triple glazing options here. 

2. A Warmer Home

We all are well aware that energy prices are at an all time high, making it more expensive to heat your home than ever! Rather than losing hundreds of pounds a month to fat cat energy providers, focus your efforts on keeping the heat in!

Energy savings from triple glazing could be significant because it has the potential depending on specification to be 40% more thermally efficient than PVCu double glazing with an “A” rating. Which means you keep more heat in and energy costs down. Installing triple glazing can potentially result in up to a 35% reduction in heat loss, compared to your standard double glazing! Keeping you toasty in those cold winter months.

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3. Reduce Condensation

Nobody wants condensation forming in their homes, why? Because the long term effects can lead to mould and peeling off your paint! Mould is also one of the leading causes of allergic reactions as they produce allergens. Your home should be a safe-haven and at Genesis we want to protect that for you.

When humid air comes into contact with a cold surface, such as your windows, condensation happens, causing water to gather as droplets. Condensation can potentially be lessened more so by triple-pane windows than by single-and double-pane windows.

The elimination of cold air draughts is increased when a third pane of glass is added to the window, as opposed to just two. simply because air must go a greater distance.

Ultimately, adding triple glazed windows can potentially save your home from major damages that condensation can cause, which in turn could save you money. 

4. Increasing Home Security

A break-in is one of the most invasive experiences that homeowners can experience. People try to mitigate home invasions from happening by choosing safe areas to buy homes in and making sure they have security measures in place if the worst should happen. However, breaking and entering usually starts with a window being smashed. Did you know that triple glazing windows can potentially prevent broken windows from being an access point to your home?

Triple glazing actually uses the same security design as double glazing and can enhance the performance thanks to the vacuum or argon-gas filled space between the panes of glass. Due to the toughened glass in the extra pane, your windows will be less likely to break, giving you greater security and peace of mind.

Triple glazing clearly comes with a huge range of potential benefits and could be the way forward for your home. At The Genesis Collection we aim to give you the very best recommendation for your specific needs.

So whether it’s a triple or double glazing solution, we’ll use our expert knowledge to support and guide you. Get in contact with us today to find out more about triple glazing and all our other amazing door and window designs on our