This years top window colours 2022

An Introduction to Top Window Colours 2022:

When investing in new windows for your home or property, you have control over absolutely everything. From the design, the materials used, the glass type and most importantly, the colour! 

One of the most common things that we hear from our customers is that they want the colour of their windows to match their home, whether that’s the exterior features like the colour of their brickwork or their front door to the colour scheme inside their home. The windows truly are the eyes to your home, so it’s important to get it right.

Here at Genesis, the choice is yours and you have a generous selection of standard colours and bespoke RAL colours as well as woodgrains and smooth finishes to choose from. In addition to this, we also offer a colour matching service which enables us to replicate any of your favourite shades. All you need to do is provide us with a small sample swatch and we’ll do the rest!

What are the top chosen window colours of 2022?

Trends come and go, and with this comes colour choices and their popularity. As with any year, we’ve already seen some favourites. Here’s our top 5 colours of 2022:


It’s often said that grey is the new black, with grey interior and exterior designs continuously being popular for the past few years now. With so many different shades available, it can be a tricky choice to make.

Our most popular Genesis shades are Anthracite Grey on the Genesis Flush Sash windows and Hazy Grey on the Genesis Sliding Sash windows. If you’re looking for a more grained look our Basalt Grey is a perfect choice, or Slate Grey if you’re looking for a darker shade.


Classy, natural and calming, the soothing colour of green is often found in rural homes and cottages, to compliment their traditional property style whilst giving a modern twist; however we have seen a rise in modern homes adding a touch of green recently too.

Think sage green windows complimenting floral surrounds and a country-inspired interior to match or giving a lighter feel to your home. Agate Grey which has a subtle hue of green is a best seller here at Genesis and with our colour matching service, you can choose just about any colour and truly make your windows and doors unique.


Black is a timeless colour, adding class and sophistication to any window or door. It’s a colour that matches absolutely everything, from gold finishes to silver, or a brightly coloured interior, it’s guaranteed to fit right in and compliment both your interior and exterior designs.

We find that Genesis Jet Black is a popular choice of shade for our Aluminium window frames, giving an Art Deco inspired steel look for window arrangements, perfect for any home but particularly those with an industrial or with quirky styled interiors.

Matching or contrasting hardware options are available Right through from Genesis Graphite,  Satin Chrome,  Gold or Chrome for added appeal.

Wood effect

Wooden effect grains have been hugely popular for a while now, and that trend looks likely to continue for some time.

Wooden windows, whilst very nice are proving less attractive nowadays with the cons outweighing the pros like rotting and warping and need to be regularly painted. A more cost effective and attractive way of replacing this is adding a wooden effect colour to your uPCV windows.

From Irish Oak to Natural Oak, Rustic Oak or Rosewood, we have you covered, and if your interior doesn’t match, you can even have painted woodgrain colours of your choice to blend beautifully both inside and out.


Flat white windows are common choice but struggle to give that natural appearance that homeowners would like. Whilst they were popular for a really long time and seen as a classic colour that goes with anything and everything. However white is harder to keep clean, especially windows that are exposed to dirt and dust outside and it can often make a home look sterile and uninviting. A popular and fantastic alternative to this is cream!

Cream can add warmth to the home, making it more inviting, whilst still giving a classic look that white doesn’t quite match.

Add cream to any of the Genesis designs on both uPVC and Aluminium, and if there’s a particular shade you want, provide us with a swatch and we’ll colour match to suit your needs.

Got a colour in mind? Get in touch today!