How to Give Your Home
a Modern Look

If you live in a new build or a home designed with contemporary in mind, then naturally you will benefit from modern windows. Why? Because window styles make or break your project. Going for the wrong design can make your home look mismatched, poorly designed and in some instances lower the value of your property. Therefore, it’s worth doing your research to avoid being disappointed. If you desire simplicity, minimalism and practicality along with the added bonus of energy efficiency and contemporary innovation – modern windows are for you. In this article, we will tell you how you can get that modern feel through your window design. Before you know it – your humble abode will be transformed into a sleek and stylish property worthy of its time.

Modern Window Styles
Practicality often overrules style. However, with modern window designs the best of both worlds can be achieved. Casement and sash windows are two of the most common window styles. Of the two, casement windows are the more modern choice. Although sliding sash windows are classed as more traditional, if you are feeling daring you can still install them in a modern home for a unique and interesting look.

Casement Windows
Casement windows are the UK’s most popular style of window. This window style enhances open sightlines, allows lots of natural light to seep in and plenty of ventilation. Such windows are ideal for a kitchen or bathroom where good air circulation is necessary.

However, it’s important to note that there are standard casement windows and flush casement windows, and these differ from one another. If you want the sleek appearance required for a modern home, then go for flush. Characterised by window sashes that sit flush with the framework, this style is typical of many of the timber windows found on older properties. However, their flat profiles are astonishingly slim which means they don’t look out of place on more modern homes. Therefore, flush casement windows are indeed versatile as they can be used on both period and contemporary properties.

modern casement windows

Sliding Sash Windows
Whilst sliding sash windows are considered to embody all things authentic and traditional, there’s no reason why they can’t also be modern sash windows. For those who want to push the boat out and create a modern feel with a twist – this style of window can achieve that. Pairing the classic appeal of sliding sash windows with a little tailoring offers a bespoke and stylish design. For instance, customising certain aspects such as the colour of your modern sash window can give it more of a contemporary feel. Agate Grey, White and Black are all ideal for emphasising modernism and creating an air of sophistication about your home.
We recommend keeping it subtle when it comes to sliding sash windows. Make sure to match them up with the rest of your home or you may run the risk of them becoming distasteful on an otherwise beautiful, contemporary property. If a window that offers both a timeless appeal with contemporary flair is music to your ears – put sliding sash windows at the top of your list.

Floor to Ceiling Windows
If you want to increase the value of your home as well add natural beauty to it – consider floor to ceiling windows. They are a new trend within modern window design that are becoming more and more popular. This oversized window style allows the natural aspects of your surroundings to transform into living décor to bring the outdoors in. Floor to ceiling windows are the perfect opportunity to give a modern makeover to your interiors. Solar shades make for a fantastic pairing with this style of window for extra insulation in the chilly winters whilst delivering UV protection and blocking the sizzling sun in summer.

Tilt and Turn Windows
Tilt and turn windows are an extremely versatile option. They open inwards so you can clean the glass without leaning out whilst the tilt function provides ventilation without compromising on security – what more could you want? This makes this style of window a great practical and modern choice for any home. For those who have smaller rooms within their home – these modern windows are for you. The flexibility of them means that if you want to be able to open a window in a smaller room for ventilation such as the bathroom – you can do so without having a big window swinging back into the room.

modern tilt and turn windows

Picking the Right Material
The best window materials to create the modern feel are uPVC and metal (often aluminium).

  • uPVC windows
    This material is most certainly a modern choice and is essentially a ‘jack of all trades’ as it offers beauty, security and energy-efficiency. Plus, it has one of the most colour options available which means there is something for everyone. Better yet, unlike its less reliable substitutes (timber) uPVC requires no painting which means you can enjoy vivid colours and durability for years to come. Previously, the material tended to expand or shrink depending on the weather. However, modern uPVC windows now have a stronger and more dependable structure. As well as this, their appearance used to be fairly chunky with unattractive black gaskets around the glass. However, thanks to advancements, the gaskets have become much better fitting so that they are almost invisible – a contemporary paradise to say the least.
  • Aluminium
    Aluminium windows and their slim sightlines make it the perfect contemporary choice, allowing more light to flood into your home. This material is extremely robust and strong which means aluminium frames have been built to gorgeously slender and contemporary proportions for many years. If you want modern style coupled with modern technology – aluminium is the one.

uPVC and aluminium windows not only offer modern innovation and style but a more sustainable alternative to other materials on the market such as timber. More consumers are adopting sustainable behaviours, and modern uPVC windows and aluminium windows are ideal if you want to get behind this trend. Modern innovation has made these materials more energy efficient and allow lots of natural light due to their subtle frames and trim – perfect for getting on the sustainable train.

modern window materials

Modern Window Design
Modern window design is all about simple colours, clean lines and minimalist characteristics. It’s important to pick a colour that will complement the building material used in your property. We recommend having your door the same colour as your windows as this really helps to tie everything together.  It is also advisable to consider the colour of your neighbour’s windows so that your homes complement each other rather than clash.

If you have a red brick abode, then Anthracite Grey windows and door will certainly bring to life the modern charm. Or if you have white walls and go for a black window frame then you can be sure you will make a statement. However, if you’re a fan of all things colourful then there’s no reason why you can’t bring this to life through your windows. Bold colours work too with modern homes – just make sure to stick to cooler tones like green, blue and purple.

It’s safe to say that floor-to-ceiling windows and black window frames will forever be on-trend, contemporary design staples – so make use of them if you want modern flair. In addition to this, you should also consider what type of window trim will best achieve your contemporary feel. Modern window design is best brought to life with painted light or dark shade trims. White trims establish a clean, fresh look, whilst black trims can add depth and dimension to your home. Finally, when it comes to picking hardware – remember less is more for contemporary windows.
modern window colour range
Having so many choices at hand to design your perfect modern windows means that you can create a contemporary setting best suited to you and your home. Luckily, there are many window styles to choose from to not only give your home a contemporary flair but make your property stand out from the crowd. It goes without saying that modern windows can transform your home into one of the most enviable properties on the street. With modern style comes modern innovation so get ready to have style as well efficiency, security and durability.