How secure are bifold doors?

Bifold doors are a stylish option for any home connecting your home and garden in a way no other type of door can match.

But while you might be convinced about their good looks, you might be less convinced about how secure a bifold door is.

In fact, there’s no need to worry when it comes to the question of how secure bifold doors are. The design of most bifold doors means they have excellent security credentials.

Let’s take a look at how secure bifold doors are using the two Genesis door options as examples.

The first option is the Genesis uPVC Bifold door. The second is the Genesis Warcore Aluminium Bifold door. As you’d expect from Genesis, both offer best-in-class security credentials for complete reassurance. It’s because we have a simple ethos – a product is only good enough for our portfolio when we’d happily choose to have it in our own homes.

The construction of bifold doors makes them secure

With bifold doors, their construction helps to make them secure. Aluminium and UPVC are both inherently strong materials.

Then there’s the glass. UPVC Genesis Bifold24 doors and aluminium Genesis WarmCore Bifold Doors use safety glass as standard. This means the glass is impact-resistant. It helps protect your family and loved ones from being hurt. It also ensures burglars can’t easily smash the glass to gain entrance.

For added peace of mind you can choose a laminate glass upgrade. This makes it impossible for glass cutters to work, giving an extra degree of security.

How bifold doors work

Think about how bifold doors work. They slide open along a hidden inline tracking system at the top and bottom of the door. In the case of Genesis WarmCore Bifold Doors there are custom-made roller assemblies that sit deep within the top and bottom tracks. Bifold doors also feature a gearing mechanism in the bottom track. Each panel will be attached to that.

These features are what make bifold doors easy to open when you have the key. For potential intruders it’s a different story. They won’t be able to lift the doors out of the tracking system in a timely fashion or without specialist tools. So you can be reassured that your bifold doors are secure. You can find out more about How bifold doors work here.

The locking system

The locking system is a makes a big difference when considering bifold doors, make sure you choose doors that feature a multipoint locking system as standard.

Genesis WarmCore Bifold Doors, for example, have a unique, custom designed door lock that uses a 5 point locking system with 3 opposed hook locks and twin shoot bolts that engage fully into the aluminium top and bottom tracks, helping keep the door secure.

They also feature an extruded aluminium hinge, which makes them inherently strong and secure. There are integral dog bolts too. These bind the door sashes together when closed, protecting against forced entry.

Both Genesis WarmCore Bifold Doors and Genesis Bifold24 doors are available in PAS24-compliant versions. This means they meet the requirements of Document Q and are suitable for installation in new build properties that need to comply with these regulations.

With Genesis bifold doors you get so much more than security

Of course, as well as the security credentials, our bifold doors have a lot more to offer. They are beautifully designed to enhance your home. Whether you choose the uPVC bifold doors or the aluminium bifold doors you’ll be getting outstanding aesthetics and excellent energy efficiency.

To find out about bifold doors for your home, contact your nearest Genesis Registered Installer by clicking on the Find Local Installers button at the top of this page and entering your postcode.