How do bifold doors work?

Bifold doors are a fantastic lifestyle choice – a gorgeous glass wall that opens up to connect the inside and outside.

You see photos of bifold doors open and photos of bifold doors closed, but the question many people ask us is: how do bifold doors work? How do they turn from a glass wall that’s protecting your home from the elements to folding back to connect your home and garden?

To answer to question: how do bifold doors work, you need to look at the way they are constructed.

Understanding how bifold doors work

Bifold doors are a series of framed glass panes that are connected with a hinge. Each pane has wheels at each corner top and bottom. The panes’ wheels sit in a tracking system that is set into the top and bottom of the door frame. To open the doors, the panes simply fold back on one another and the wheels slide along in the tracking system. It should be a smooth, quiet, effortless operation.

Bifold doors typically have anywhere between one and seven panes. You don’t always have to open all the panes. Usually, one of the end panes can act as an independent door. This means if you just want to pop outside for a moment, you don’t have to open all the panes to do so. You can also choose whether the open panels sit outside your home or inside it. Outside is usual but there are times when internal works better.

Choosing the best door

As well as asking how bifold doors work, people often ask us what to look for on a bifold door and what the best bifold doors are.

A great starting point is to choose the Genesis uPVC bifold door or the aluminium Genesis Warmcore aluminium bifold doors. Here at Genesis, our mission is to design and develop the best the market has to offer. Genesis bifold doors are no different because they offer superior security, superior energy efficiency and amazing aesthetics.

When you’re comparing bifold doors, look for PAS24 compliance. Genesis doors have PAS24 enhanced security compliance, so you can be sure that you’re keeping your home and loved ones safe. Our doors also use hardware from brands such as Yale and ERA as standard, so you have the reassurance of renowned names protecting your home.

Genesis bifold doors use the latest window and door technology to maximise thermal efficiency and weather tightness. Both the UPVC Genesis24 bifold door and the aluminium Genesis Warmcore bifold doors are exceptionally energy efficient. In fact, Genesis Warmcore bifold doors are up to 25% more energy efficient than comparable aluminium systems, so you get the style of aluminium with better energy efficiency than you’d expect. Both systems are exceptionally weathertight too. This is particularly important because the bottom of the frame on a bifold door is often set into the floor. This means there’s a step-free transition between inside and outside. You don’t want rainwater seeping into your home and with Genesis doors you won’t. See both our uPVC bifold doors and aluminium bifold doors.

The Genesis Bifold24 bifold door is available in 30 stunning colours and woodgrain finishes. You can have different finishes internally and externally if you would like. Genesis Warmcore doors come in a choice of four powder coated colours that can also be used in combination if you would like. There are more colours available on request too.

Make the most of our amazing doors

You can read more about the Genesis Bifold24 bifold door and download a brochure here. And you can read more about Genesis Warmcore bifold doors and download a brochure here. If you have any questions about our bifold doors, contact us now. And if you’d like to get in touch with your nearest Genesis Registered Installer, just click or tap the ‘Find Local Installers’ box at the top of this page and pop your postcode in.