Cottage Windows

Establishing the picturesque cottage aesthetic is something many aspire to. But where do you even begin? Whilst every aspect of a home is important, windows are the eyes of a property and should never be neglected! Replacing or revamping them won’t just give you the cottage makeover you desire, but they’ll become the envy of all onlookers too. They can be an eye-catching feature if designed right, as well as tell a story to what lies within. Taking care of such unique period elements are essential, for both you and your humble abode. Do you already live in a period property and want to preserve its charm? Or are you wanting to add a traditional twist to a modern home? Whatever your situation may be, Genesis can help with your design journey. We can bring to life your dream of having cottage windows, without your home losing any of its charm.

What Are Cottage Windows?

Although you may associate such windows with traditional homes, they aren’t necessarily limited to older properties only. For those with modern homes, if you want to cosy up to the traditional look, cottage style windows will bring nothing but authenticity. Also known as Georgian or Tudor windows, they are offered in a variety of materials including uPVC, wood, and aluminium. They tend to open the same way as many other windows – casement or sash. However, one of the differences lies in the astragal bar detail, which make several small squares of glass, instead of one big pane.

Many older properties will have window frames made from timber. Whilst this is perfect for the cottage aesthetic, wooden frames do have a shelf life, even if they’re well-maintained. All wooden windows reach a time, where they go past the point of repair, and the only solution is to replace them. Opting for uPVC cottage windows means you can elevate your home’s security and energy efficiency, all whilst retaining its old-world charm. The material is robust and durable, so its popularity is no surprise when it comes to installing windows!

Benefits of uPVC Cottage Windows

You may think installing windows considered an old style, will mean compensating on security and energy efficiency. However, thanks to uPVC, you can get the best of both worlds. We have compiled a list of the top benefits:

  1. Energy efficient                                                                                                                                                          You don’t have to forego the advantages of modern windows at the expense of the visual attributes of traditional cottage windows. Double glazing means you can still retain authenticity, as well as benefit from increased insulation, so you’re cosy all year round. With advancements in glass technology, you could save on heating bills, as well as decrease your carbon footprint.
  2. Weatherproof
    Made from a highly durable material, it can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Thanks to uPVC’s durable construction, it’s strong, efficient, and long-lasting.
  3. Easy maintenance
    Cleaning and general upkeep is very straightforward. A quick wipe down will keep your cottage style windows looking immaculate for years to come.
  4. Futureproof
    New windows add value to your home. This could attract more potential buyers should you decide to sell the property.
  5. More security
    Designed with an assortment of features including reinforcements, locks and glass, all of which makes uPVC more secure against forced entryin comparison to other materials.
  6. Soundproof
    Worrying about noise if you live near busy roads, railways or flight paths are a thing of the past. uPVC windows can be fitted with acoustic glass to deliver outstanding levels of sound protection.

The Different Types of Cottage Windows

Knowing what type of window is best, to replicate a certain style, can be tricky. However, our styling expertise makes that process much easier. To imitate the traditional cottage look, we recommend going for flush casement windows, sliding sash windows or wood effect uPVC windows. They’re all fantastic alternatives to timber. Our flush casement and sliding sash windows look spectacular on a quaint, countryside cottage. Whilst the wood effect uPVC allows you to transform your city abode into cottage-chic, for modern and old-world collaboration. You can be rest assured that with any of these window types, you’ll not only receive stunning design features, but modern window technology too. If the property requires them bay and bow windows add amazing options which are eye-catching and true to the heritage of the period. They usually comprise of four or five casement windows, joined together to create an outward-facing arch. Bay windows showcase one larger window with two smaller side windows extending out with an angled finish. However, bow windows feature a slick rounded curve for a highly tasteful finish to any period home.

types of cottage windows

Cottage Window Colour Wheel

You’ll find that most uPVC windows you see are in a standard shade of white. However, sometimes homeowners like to add a splash of colour can go a long way in providing that elusive wow factor. So, once you’ve discovered your perfect style, the addition of the perfect shade of colour will complement your home. To help you find the right match, our Genesis collection comes in a range of standard foil options, which are guaranteed not to crack, peel or fade. These include white, oak, oak on white, rosewood, rosewood on white, cream-grain and white-grain finishes. As a bonus, we also offer over 40 additional foil colours – so there is ample choice. Each one will give your abode a finish that stands out and complements the other homes surrounding it.

Go for Classic Cream, if you want to master that rural cottage look, or a Agate Grey ( which is actually a subtle shade of green ) for a touch of contemporary elegance. If you prefer the old-world, woodgrain-effect finish, all our windows are also offered in a range of authentic timber designs. From Irish Oak to Nut Tree – they’re ideal for elevating that rustic charm, period properties require. Alternatively, if you want to add your own special touch, we offer state-of-the-art paint spraying in any RAL or BS colour codes. This way you can have total control over your cottage style windows, so that they’re tailor-made to your exact requirements.

Finishing Touches

You’re probably thinking – what about the finishing touches? Well, we’ve got that covered there too. You can personalise your cottage windows with our beautiful, high-quality handles and peg stays, offered in a range of colours, from satin chrome to antique black. To make your home stand out, consider other elements which could enhance that country-cottage style. Window boxes can be painted the same shade as your frames, adding a unique touch when you have blossoming flowers bedded in.

If you have small cottage windows, draw attention to them with dramatic, block-print curtains. Or make them appear bigger with full-length, floral curtains if you want to seize that quintessential cottage appearance. Botanicals are a clear choice when it comes to dressing up cottage style windows. The blooms on the curtains will reflect the flowery paths surrounding traditional cottages.

For those who really want to capture that vintage feel – pelmets add an authentic touch. They are a great way to showcase your favourite fabric and gathered pelmets with their delicate folds, are suited perfectly to cottage settings. If you want to mimic cottage-chic whilst still retaining some modern flair, opt for some sleek shutters.

Whether you want to maintain your period home or add traditional charisma to your contemporary abode – cottage style windows will work a treat. All our uPVC windows merge modern tech with traditional styling, for a durable and low-maintenance way to update your home. At Genesis, quality is part of our DNA. We have an appetite for innovation and a huge passion for every aspect of the windows we produce. This means we can make your vision a reality. Your design journey is in good hands with Genesis and no matter what style of property your home, we can provide cottage windows that offer amazing value.

cottage windows styling

If you need more advice on what style would be best for your cottage style windows, our expert design team would be happy to help.

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