Less is More: Coming Autumn 2023! The New Ultra-Slim Meeting Rail for the Genesis Sliding Sash !

We’ve listened to customer feedback and are delighted to announce we’ve been working on a much-requested update to the design of the Genesis Sliding Sash window. The Ultra-Slim Meeting Rail.

With significant investment and working closely with our designers, we have been able to develop a midrail / meeting rail solution that not only looks great but performs flawlessly.

This key development of our sliding sash makes it the perfect choice for conservation areas, listed buildings, and period properties alike. The Genesis sliding sash has been a favoured choice for homeowners eager to maintain their property’s authentic looks for many years and now it’s set to look even better paying respect to the distinct architectural heritage and traditional aesthetics.

Less really is more where the midrail on the Genesis sliding sash window is concerned. The original midrail which is still available is 49mm high whereas the new slimline version is just 37mm making a great choice for period homes and particularly listed buildings.
Our philosophy, with this subtle change, is to enhance maximise light and preserve the original character of heritage properties.

The Genesis Sliding Sash, already known for its traditional aesthetics, has always been a popular choice for owners of conservation areas and period properties. Made with fully mechanical joints it’s soon to be manufactured with the new slim meeting rail making it even more suitable for listed properties.    

We’ve managed to make a small but significant change to the original design which provides cleaner sight lines while staying true to that authentic period appearance that customers love.

Ultra-Slim Meeting Rail
Ultra-Slim Meeting Rail

  • Ultra-slim meeting rail for Genesis Sliding Sash.
  • Flawless performance and enhanced aesthetics.
  • Ideal for conservation areas and period properties.
  • Slimline version is just 37mm high.
  • Increases light and preserves original character.
  • Suitable for listed properties.
  • Cleaner sight lines, authentic period appearance.
  • Robust and reliable design.
  • Features dry-beaded glass for easy replacement.
  • Official launch in later 2023, pushing industry boundaries

Reassuringly this slimmer design doesn’t compromise on durability or performance.

We’re putting the new Genesis Sliding Sash through rigorous testing to ensure it matches the robustness and reliability of the original. You can rest easy knowing that the Genesis sliding sash window with its updated appearance still delivers strength as solid as ever and traditional looks to match.

What’s more, the glass in the sashes is dry-beaded in place, unlike other systems which rely on glass bonding. The main advantage of this, should a glass unit fail, is that you only need replace the glass unit instead of having to remake an entire new sash.

At Bison Frames, we believe that windows are more than just parts of your home’s structure.
They should be as subtle and charming as possible and the new updated version of the Genesis Sliding Sash, with Slim Midrail will tick all the boxes.

Stay tuned for the official launch in Autumn 2023 and get ready to see this stunning new innovation and this firm favourite in the Genesis range. The addition of this feature demonstrates our desire to push the boundaries of the timber alternative sliding sash window for the renovation and new build markets.