How to clean sash windows

Whether you have got original timber sash windows, modern uPVC sash windows or vertical sliding windows in your home, regular cleaning keeps your windows looking pristine and helps lengthen their lifespan.

In this article, we’ll look at how to clean sash window.

How to clean original timber sash windows

Cleaning the inside of original timber sash windows is easy. You just use your favourite way to clean glass – glass cleaner and dilute washing up liquid work. Our favourite is the old-fashioned choice of vinegar, water and newspaper, which is also environmentally friendly. Once you have washed the glass, dry it using a soft, dry cloth.

Cleaning the outside of ground floor timber sash windows is obviously straightforward but what happens when they are on the first floor or higher? We do not recommend any of the methods found on online forums because they can be dangerous. Instead, we recommend calling in the professionals as they will have the equipment needed to clean timber sash windows safely.

Cleaning timber sash windows is a useful opportunity to check for wear and tear. The sooner you spot fraying cords or rotting timber, the sooner you can take action to sort them out. You can choose to have your timber sash windows repaired, however, if they have reached the end of their life and need to be replaced, you could opt for modern uPVC sash windows. If you do, you’ll see a wealth of modern-day benefits. One of these is how much easier modern sash windows are to clean and maintain.

How to clean modern uPVC sash windows

Cleaning modern uPVC sash windows is so much easier, even when they’re on the upper storeys of your home. This is because modern sash windows have a tilt-in facility specifically designed to make cleaning easy. Rather than having to be outside to clean the exterior of your sash windows, you simply tilt the sash inwards which means you can clean both sides of your sash window from the inside.

As with timber sash windows, you can clean the glass using your favourite glass cleaner.

It makes sense to clean the frame at the same time as cleaning the glass. Warm, soapy water and a soft cloth is ideal for this – don’t use any solvent-based cleaners or any scourers because this will damage the finish of the frames and may affect your insurance guarantee.

Once you’ve washed the frames, dry them with a soft, dry cloth.

Next, we recommend you carry out some basic maintenance. Wipe the rubber seals to remove any debris and use silicone spray or beeswax polish on the sliding components to keep them sliding smoothly. Finally, check the drainage holes on the bottom of each sash and clear them out if you need to.

Genesis Collection windows

If you’re keen to have the beauty of sash windows but also have windows that are easy to clean and maintain, take a look at Genesis Collection uPVC sash windows. They are double glazed uPVC sash windows that recreate the beauty of traditional timber sash windows like no other. What’s more they are widely regarded as one of the best alternatives to timber sash windows in the market today, but they also have all the advantages of modern uPVC windows – including easy cleaning and maintenance.

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