How much do double glazed sash windows cost?

Beautifully crafted authentic sash windows are a design classic to grace any British home. With the charm of yesteryear combined with the superb modern-day thermal performance that double-glazed sash windows can deliver, they make a wise investment too. But how much do double glazed sash windows cost?

The price depends on any number of variables. In this article we’ll look at some of the main factors that affect how much double-glazed sash windows cost.

The first thing to say is that double glazed sash windows will be more expensive than standard double-glazed casement windows. This is partly because they are more complicated to manufacture and have more customisable features too.  But despite their higher price point, they offer some superb benefits that standard casement windows just cannot match.

You then have the consider the choice of material for your double-glazed sash windows. 

Timber sash windows are likely to be more expensive than uPVC double glazed sash windows. And if you opt for timber sash windows, hardwood versions will cost more than softwood versions. So careful consideration is recommended in making the right choice of material from the get-go.

When it comes to double glazed uPVC sash windows, you will find lots of different variations in the cost. As a general rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. Cheap double glazed uPVC sash windows will look just that and if you have a beautiful period home, they will do it no favours. On the other hand, the best examples of double glazed uPVC sash windows are virtually indistinguishable from their timber equivalents.

What you get when you choose Genesis sash windows

As we said above, there are lots of uPVC sash window options out there and some are better than others. We think there’s one uPVC sash window that is miles ahead of anything else on the market and offers exceptional value for money too – Genesis sash windows.

That’s because when you choose Genesis sash windows you get windows that recreate the beauty of traditional timber sash windows like no other uPVC option on the market. We offer a range of standard colours in woodgrain and smooth finishes. We also offer a bespoke colour-matching service so your uPVC sash windows can be any colour you want.  

And as well as the elegance of a traditional timber sash they also come with all the benefits of modern-day windows. They are A rated as standard for exceptional energy efficiency, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. High quality security also comes as standard for additional peace of mind and they are easy to maintain so you can spend more time enjoying them and less time looking after them. 

To find out more about Genesis sash windows for your home, talk to your nearest Genesis Approved Installer. You’ll find their details by entering your postcode into the ‘Find Local Installers’ box above.