How much do Genesis Collection Sliding Sash Windows Cost?

From reducing your annual heating bills to increasing your property value, choosing and installing Genesis Collection Sliding Sash Windows is not only an investment for your property, but with their easy maintenance and energy efficiency options, it’s a choice worth making.

But how much do Genesis Collections Sliding Sash Windows cost?

Here at Genesis, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality windows, made with the finest quality, modern materials. Our group of in-house experts can truly provide results that perform exactly to your specifications, from particular colours to match the rest of your property, hardware that brings your windows to life, different energy efficiency choices, window sizes and even different glass options.

We looked at the various window and door systems on the market and realised that none of them offer the style, quality and performance that we’d want in our own homes. It was the attention to detail that was missing, so we researched the market – both in the UK and Europe – and selected the best products in each sector. We then set about making them even better.

With so many options available, tailored specifically to your home, price can vary and whilst installing new windows into your home is certainly an investment. We work with our customers to find the most cost-effective way to provide the best specifications and manage the cost.

Bringing your period property back to life

Sash windows are quintessentially British and are an important part of our national architectural heritage. Original Sash Windows are very popular in period properties and despite the best efforts of the homeowner fall into a sate of disrepair for a variety of reasons – Often needing maintenance and regular painting. Genesis Vertical Sliding Sash Windows change all of that. The precision engineered and expertly crafted modern sash window effortlessly combines the style and elegance of traditional sash windows with the energy-saving, high security, low maintenance benefits that come with modern materials and manufacturing techniques.

Putting your period home at the forefront of our designs, our Genesis Collection Vertical Sliding Sash Windows come with the option of two different jointing methods to deliver impeccable appearance and performance. Normally in UPVC windows, you’ll find mitred grooves in the corners which when looking to replicate timber isn’t ideal. You won’t see those on our Sliding Sash Windows. Instead, we offer mechanical or seamless Graf welded joints.

Mechanical Joints are joinery-style butt joints that we mill, screw and seal in place. The result is exactly like a hand-crafted timber joint, which is why they’re extremely popular in period homes, listed properties and in conservation areas.

Our Seamless Graf Welds, on the other hand, are designed to look like a more modern engineered timber joint. The corners are welded, but in such a way that the weld line almost completely disappears. The result is a seamless precision engineered corner and very few manufacturers can achieve such a neat finish.

All of the Genesis Collection Sliding Sash Windows are designed by you and completed right here in our Barnsley factory and we also have a showroom so you can view and visit them first-hand. Our experts put together each and every piece with the utmost care and highest standards, ensuring each and every feature is included as per your specifications.

Energy efficient and environmentally responsible

Looking for windows with good window energy ratings? Genesis have you covered!

Modern UPVC has come a long way and today it is a precision engineered, sustainable, fully recyclable material whose superior thermal efficiency offers homeowners significant energy saving. It doesn’t rot, warp, discolour or degrade and unlike the timber that it looks so similar to, it never needs painting, filling or treating. An occasional wipe down with soapy water is all that’s needed to clean it.

Not only is the material energy efficient and easy to maintain but It’s a responsible choice too. When made into windows UPVC has an expected lifespan of at least 35 years, and when it does reach the end of its life it can be recycled up to 10 times. The Building Research Establishment’s authoritative Green Guide rates UPVC windows as equal to or better than timber windows with regard to sustainability, environmental impact and energy efficiency.

Traditional sash windows can be cold and draughty, but here at Genesis we’ve taken an already high performance sash window and made it even better, with upgraded gaskets and brushpiles, and exclusive EPDM seals designed in-house to upgrade weather performance.

We’d always recommend investing in our windows with an ‘A-rated’ window energy rating to get the most from your purchase. The ‘A-rated’ version features argon gas in the glass cavity, and combined with advanced performance glass and warm edge spacer bars complete the window to a high level of energy performance. This not only keeps you warm but saves your money on your energy bills. Whilst this is recommended, we do also offer ‘B-rated’ and ‘C-rated’ windows to ensure we can match your budget and requirements.

Are you looking to add style and elegance to your home? Genesis Collection Vertical Sliding Sash Windows could be for you! 

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