How much do bifold patio doors cost

Bifold patio doors are a stunning addition to any home – a beautiful glass wall that folds back to seamlessly link your home and your garden. You probably don’t need convincing about the benefits of a bi-fold door. The biggest question you probably have is how much do bifold patio doors cost?

It isn’t easy to say how much bi-fold patio doors cost. Bifold doors will be bespoke to your home and everyone will be different.

Having said that, there are factors to consider. Here are some of the things that will affect the cost of your bifold door.

The size and colour will effect the price of your door

Perhaps the biggest factor that will affect the price of your door is the obvious one. Its size. Quite simply, the bigger your bifold patio door, the more it will cost.

Bifold patio doors are available in a wealth of different colours and finishes. Some will be standard. Others will be special orders. As you might expect, special orders will cost more. But getting the colour or finish right can make the difference between a standard door and a stand outdoor, so the extra cost may be worth it to you.

The type of glazing affects the cost of your bifold patio door

Bifold patio doors from reputable brands such as Genesis will meet all the legal requirements for energy efficiency and safety as standard.

But it’s often worth upgrading the glazing.

You can upgrade the energy efficiency levels with different types of glazing. The more energy efficient your bifold doors are, the more money you’ll save on heating bills in the long term.

If you have small children, opting for laminated or toughened glass could give you extra peace of mind.

Upgrading energy efficiency or safety will make a difference to the cost of your bifold patio doors, but it might be a price worth paying.

The details that affect the cost of your patio door

There are other things that will affect the cost of your bifold door.

The type of threshold you have will make a difference. For example, will your bifold door opening be flush with the ground or will there be a step?

The choice of handles and hinges you have is another factor.

Trickle vents ensure you have adequate ventilation without compromising security but will have an impact on cost.

Security upgrades such as Secured by Design accreditation will make a difference to cost but give you more peace of mind.

The addition of sidelights or toplights to extend the glazing and bring in more drama and light will add extra cost.

The most important factor in your choice of bi-fold door

Now you know more about how much bifold patio doors cost, you should take a look at our products. We have two bifold patio door options. The first is the uPVC bifold door. The second are the aluminium Genesis WarmCore Aluminium Bifold Doors. Both offer best-in-class credentials and will enhance your home.

To find out the cost of bifold or sliding patio doors for your home, contact your nearest Genesis Registered Installer by clicking on the Find Local Installers button at the top of this page and entering your postcode.