Bison Frames & The Genesis Collection – Celebrating 20 Years of Manufacturing Excellence.

It’s been an amazing 20 years since Bison Frames was launched during which time the company has built a fantastic team, developed some great supplier relationships and become known for delivering top-quality products. All great things to reflect on and celebrate!

When Directors Mark Tetley and Martyn Haworth initially formed the company, little could they have imagined how their story would unfold. Fast forward 20 years and it’s clear that their customer-focused approach and quality-driven ethos have passed the test of time.

Mark and Martyn’s shared vision of a well-rounded manufacturing business that consistently delivers high standards of quality and service was a vital part of the original blueprint. Over the last two decades, Bison Frames has stayed true to this vision and gained widespread recognition in the trade for its exclusive Genesis Collection windows and doors.

Their unwavering pursuit of excellence is a thread that runs through everything the company does and has resulted in Bison being a well-established name in the fenestration industry, synonymous with high quality and attention to detail.

Since 2002 with the help of their dedicated team, Mark and Martyn’s plans for the company became a reality with investment being a key feature at each stage of the company’s story.
Investment in the best people in the industry, investment in cutting-edge technology and investment in relationships with valued customers and suppliers. The success that followed meant the factory capacity would need to be increased without compromising on product consistency. This led to the expansion of the manufacturing space in 2017 with the addition of a number of high-quality machinery acquisitions.
A distinguishing feature of Bison Frames is the long-standing relationships that have been cultivated with staff, suppliers and customers. The longevity of these partnerships is at the core of the business and any success simply couldn’t have been achieved without them.

As Bison Frames looks to the future, we remain steadfast in our commitment to these principles while embracing innovation and adapting to industry changes. This forward-thinking mindset ensures that we will never rest on our laurels and can continue to deliver premium products for years to come.

More than anything, especially on this special anniversary celebration, it’s only right to reflect the success and hard work of everyone that made it possible.

 As Bison Frames continues to navigate the future, we will continue to strive to exceed expectations and raise the bar on manufacturing excellence, while staying true to our original core values.

Here’s raising a glass to ‘Team Bison’ on reaching 20 Years!