Mechanically Jointed Flush Casements

Nothing demonstrates British architectural beauty more than Mechanically Jointed Flush Casement windows. This popular window style has been gracing our homes for centuries and their distinctive appearance makes them an integral part of today’s British architecture.

The window style gets its name by a combination of the window’s aesthetics and its method of production.  To explain: Mechanically jointed windows describes the joint between each corner of the window frame. Traditionally, craftsmen would spend time and considerable skill handcrafting these corner welds which became known as a mechanical joint. It’s this beautiful attention to detail, typically seen on timber windows, that gives the window its distinctive, traditional appearance.

When it comes to the name Flush Casement this describes the window style. To explain: With Flush Casement windows, when the window or sash (otherwise known as the opener) is closed, its sits ‘flush’ within the frame which creates a flat surface on the outside of the window.

Flush Casement windows are both a stunning and timeless window that can be used on a wide range of properties to deliver an exceptional authentic finish. And by adding in their distinctive mechanically jointed method of manufacture you have a true British window design.

But if you are looking to replace your Mechanically Jointed Flush Casements or wanting to add these windows into your property for the first time, what do you need to look for? After all, the appeal of these windows is in their traditional aesthetics: Choose wisely and you have windows that will look stunning for many years and give you the character of yesteryear. Choose poorly, and they will look just that – poor imitations.

Here is our thoughts when choosing Mechanically Jointed Flush Casement windows:


As mentioned, authentic aesthetics are crucial for the authenticity of Mechanically Jointed Flush Casement windows. Our Flush Casement Windows offer an elegant design and authentic detailing that produces an excellent alternative to traditional timber frames. Manufactured using mechanically jointed methods, you can be sure that our  Genesis PVC Flush Casement Windows will provide a stunning appearance combined with traditional manufacturing protocols to complete your home.

Energy Efficiency:

In windows, the energy efficiency of a window is measured by a ‘U-value’. Put simply, this measures how well the heat is transferred by the entire window i.e. the frame, sash and glass combined. The lower the U-value, the more insulated the window unit is and therefore the better the window will retain the interior’s heat in the winter and conversely, keeping the heat out during the summer. Genesis Flush Casement Windows have a U value of 1.2 W/m2K for double glazed and 0.9 W/m2K when triple glazed too, which sums up the quality of our windows.


Attention to detail when it comes to security is paramount too.  Our Flush Casement Windows are fitted with high-security locks and hardware which means they are PAS24-compliant as standard, something you won’t find on many flush casement windows.

Attention to detail:

High-quality Mechanical Jointed Flush Casement windows feature small details that set them apart and show that care has gone into their design and manufacture of every window. For example, Genesis PVC Flush Casement Windows feature uprated seals and gaskets, adding to the authentic good looks these window styles demand.  Furthermore, you can design your windows with a choice of colour options and hardware styles to add that perfect finishing touch. Small detailing that makes a big difference.

Suitable for all properties:

Our Genesis PVC Flush Casement Windows can be used for grade listing buildings, areas needing planning permission, heritage properties and in conservation areas. The windows are designed to replicate the appearance in this type of period property and add a touch of authenticity in older properties that may need uplifting or renovating.

Similarly, they are equally at home in newer buildings which may feature a traditional or modern design. This outlines the variety of properties this window is suitable for and shows the versatility that our Genesis PVC Flush Casement Windows delivers.

In short, our mechanically jointed flush casements combine the beauty and elegance of traditional window manufacture with all the added benefits that only modern PVC-U can offer.

To talk to your local installer and discover the beauty of our Genesis PVC Flush Casement Windows start by clicking on the ‘Find Local Installers’ button at the top of this page and entering your postcode. We welcome you to discover the Genesis difference for yourself.