Investing in your home after lockdown

The Covid-19 worldwide pandemic has affected our lives in every way possible. Without warning and without choice our daily life suddenly changed as we were asked to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

Households throughout the country spent weeks in lockdown and as a result, we have all spent more time in our homes than ever before.  And one thing we have all come to realise is when you spend considerable time in one place, you start to see the flaws!

With that in mind, it will come as little surprise that during the lockdown, Google reported a spike in searches for home improvement products and DIY projects – and nobody will forget the queues when B&Q finally opened their doors! And as well as having more time to fix the little things around the home and garden, people have also had more time to think about bigger changes, such as new windows and doors.

One thing we have all come to realise is our home is our castle and with the housing market now in a state of flux and the hopes of basking on foreign shores this summer looking highly improbable, the saying ‘Don’t Move, Improve!’ makes an awful lot of sense.

So, if you were among the many consumers who have decided to improve their home and look for new windows and doors – we believe this is a wise decision.  New windows and doors are a great investment in the short and long term for your home and add value at every level.  But as a considered investment, you’ll want to be sure you’ve made the right decision and we are here to help.

Firstly, think about the choice of material.  uPVC windows are a modern day essential.  Alongside their good looks, they can improve energy efficiency and also security. But it’s easy to think double glazed windows are an off-the-shelf item but the truth is very different. Quality double glazed windows are made to order for you and your home and as such, there are lots of choices you can make to personalise your windows.

The Style

The style of window choice is crucial.  Modern uPVC windows let you improve the performance and the look of your home. For example our Vertical Sliding Sash Window combines cutting-edge technology with the traditional character of a box sash window to give you the best of both worlds. Similarly, when you choose uPVC windows you are choosing good quality windows that will also enhance the look and the performance of your home. And for traditional styling, our Flush Casement Windows offer the understated looks of a classic cottage window. Like our sash windows, every detail is right – even down to the hardware options, which include monkey tail handles and dummy peg stays.

Similarly, our uPVC Patio Doors features Graf-welded sashes that give a high quality and seamless engineered timber aesthetics. They are available in a wide range of colours, so you can choose the perfect shade for your home and sleek modern door handles complete the look.

All about aluminium

Modern aluminium windows are a great option to increase kerb appeal and are particularly popular in contemporary homes throughout the UK.   They have long been the default choice among architects as the windows offer chic, sleek, contemporary lines and attractive slimline frames providing a larger glazing area.

The best aluminium windows on the market are Genesis WarmCore Aluminium Windows. They are 25% more thermally efficient than traditional aluminium systems. Double glazed WarmCore Aluminium Windows have a U-Value of 1.3 W/(m2K). and if you opt for triple glazed versions, the U-Value drops to 0.8 W/(m2K).

Our Aluminium inline patio doors have large glazed sashes that let natural light flood into your home and are suitable for wider apertures. They offer clean lines and a flush finish which produces a stunning designer style that only aluminium offers.

Check the quality of workmanship

The quality of manufacture is crucial. For example, all our products in the Genesis Collection use only the best materials and are manufactured with impeccable attention to detail and skill. Our test is simple. If we would be happy to fit a product in our own homes, we’re happy for it to be part of the Genesis Collection.

Free your imagination

Every product in the Genesis Collection can be personalised especially for you. A choice of colours, styles and hardware accessories are all available to suite in with your home or make a bold design statement. To get in touch with your local installer, click on the ‘Find Local Installers’ button at the top of this page and enter your postcode and start imagining the difference they could make to your home.  After all, the holiday can wait until 2021 but your home can be improved today!