Graf Welded cills now available
in the Genesis Collection

Graf welded cills.

The Genesis collection is always working to improve the performance and aesthetics of it’s doors and windows the addition of the Graf welded cill to bays is the next step in our ongoing product development.

So what is a Graf welded cill and why does it matter ?
First of all it’s important to understand what a Graf weld is and how we currently use it.
The Graf weld has become our standard weld in recent years as it provides a seamless hairline joint in the corners which is far neater than a standard traditional weld. In short our customers love this joint when comparing to a traditional weld which looks messy and untidy and spoils the aesthetics of any window.
One of the frustrations, until now, was that even though we were Graf welding the windows the cills had to be manufactured using an old fashioned welding machine. This meant that the windows looked fantastic but the cills couldn’t match the same level and this is the reason for investing in state of the art machinery that would address this issue.

What is the difference now?
Genesis is one of the few manufacturers that is able to produce a Graf welded cill in conjunction with Graf welded windows which delivers a stunning and coordinated appearance.
No longer will you have to admire Graf welded windows only to be disappointed that the cills don’t match the same standard of manufacture.

When are Graf welded cills used ?
Graf welded cills are used on any UPVC bay window and this includes both smooth windows as well as timber alternative and wood effect windows.
Whether it’s a 3 segment 90 degree bay window or one with more segments the Graf welded cill will deliver the same high quality finish that has been the mainstay of our windows for many years.

Which windows are available with Graf welded cills ?
The Graf welded cills are now manufactured as standard on the Genesis sliding sash window and Flush casement window. In addition our range of UPVC stormproof casements are also manufactured using the Graf weld machine.

What size cills are available in each product ?
The sliding sash window is available with Graf welded cills at 150mm and 210mm. The Flush casements and stormproof casements are made with the options of 95mm, 150mm and 180mm.

The purpose of this page is to provide additional information of the Genesis Graf welded cills that are now available on all UPVC multi-segment bays. If you have any specific questions that are not covered on this page please get in touch and we will be please to answer them.