Comparing aluminium and uPVC windows

If you’re thinking about new windows for your home, there are many factors you will need to consider. One of the main considerations is your choice of window material. In this article we have considered two of the most popular window materials, and we are going to be comparing aluminium and uPVC windows.

How to compare aluminium and PVC windows

Both aluminium windows and uPVC windows have come a long way since they were first introduced to the market several decades ago. These days, both aluminium windows and uPVC windows are excellent options for all style of homes and can be seen in millions of properties all over the UK.

Having said that, you need to choose your supplier carefully, of course – the best suppliers offer an unbeatable combination of high quality and good value with all their window products – regardless of frame material. But it is important to consider a few things before you make your final decision.

Comparing the energy efficiency

Both aluminium windows and uPVC windows have to meet minimum legal requirements for energy efficiency. Aluminium windows used to have a reputation for being less efficient than uPVC windows but that is no longer true. The best aluminium windows offer excellent energy efficiency which is why they have become a popular choice in the retail market.

The best aluminium and uPVC windows are manufactured with the environment in mind too as they both can be recycled at the end of their life. (In fact, 75% of the aluminium ever made is still in use today.)

The security of aluminium and uPVC windows

Aluminium windows and uPVC windows also have to meet minimum legal requirements for security – look out for windows that meet PAS24 standards. Aluminium windows tend to be naturally stronger than uPVC windows, but there are plenty of ways to maximise security on uPVC windows, so there is no real practical difference between the two options.

Which window do we think looks better?

Today’s aluminium and uPVC windows offer excellent aesthetics, so your choice will depend on your personal taste and the property you live in.

Aluminium windows are perfect for sleek, modern homes. They are also ideal for certain types of period home that would have traditionally had iron windows. These include 1930s homes and early period properties.

uPVC windows are the classic choice for many UK homes. uPVC sash windows and flush casement windows are much more authentic these days with the best are indistinguishable from their wooden counterparts.

Compare the price of aluminium and uPVC windows

The price of aluminium and uPVC windows is probably the biggest difference. Aluminium windows are typically more expensive than uPVC windows. However, this higher initial cost is offset by their lifespan as aluminium typically has a longer lifespan than uPVC. This means aluminium windows may offer better long-term value.

With Genesis Collection windows there’s no comparison

We are the perfect company to be comparing aluminium and uPVC windows, as we supply both and we supply them at the top of the range. The starting point for the Genesis Collection is that they are the best windows the market has to offer. If we wouldn’t choose them for our own homes, they aren’t good enough to be in our range.

Our aluminium windows are 25% warmer than other options on the market and offer a sleek, sophisticated appearance as well as meeting PAS24 security standards.  Alternatively, our uPVC window products offer stunning heritage authenticity so you can bring period style to your home without compromising on modern energy efficiency and low maintenance. Naturally, they meet PAS24 security requirements too.

It means that whether you choose aluminium windows or uPVC windows, when you choose windows from the Genesis Collection, you’re making the right decision. Whether it’s our Vertical Sliding Windows or our Flush Casement Windows, we are sure that you will love them all.

You can find out more about our aluminium and uPVC windows here. And to talk about Genesis Collection windows for your home, get in touch with your local installer by clicking on the ‘Find Local Installers’ button at the top of this page and entering your postcode.