Buyer’s guide to patio doors

Modern sliding patio doors are becoming a popular choice to allow a closer connection with your garden or patio area. Compared with bifolding doors, which subdivide the glass multiple times and need stacking space when open, sliding patio doors are far neater by design and allow an interrupted expanse of glass that is so very popular with consumers all over the UK. Furthermore, sliding patios are perfect for internal room dividers too as they allow natural light into the room, coupled with closed off privacy when needed.

If you’re researching patio doors for your home, this buyers guide will tell you everything you need to know. It will also give you some key pointers to ensure you choose a good quality patio door and ultimately know how to select the right door for your home.

The buyer’s guide to UPVC and aluminium patio doors

Perhaps the biggest decision to make is whether to have aluminium or UPVC patio doors.  Both materials are excellent choices when it comes to patio doors but the material that’s right for you depends mostly on the aesthetic appearance you are looking to achieve.

To explain:

Aluminium patio doors typically have a sleek, clean design. Their slim frames allow plenty of light into your home and blur the lines perfectly between the home and the garden.  They are also contemporary by design and are popular with consumers opting for modern-day minimalistic home aesthetics. 

When it comes to UPVC, most windows in UK homes have been manufactured from UPVC. This means UPVC patio doors sit well with existing window frames, giving a sophisticated harmonious look to a home. They are also suitable for all styles of properties including modern, cottage and heritage-style homes giving total flexibility. 

But once you’ve chosen the material, what else should you look at?

Security of patio doors

Secure patio doors are a given. There are a few things you can look out for to give you confidence you have chosen a secure patio door. 

A patio door that is PAS 24 compliant is a good place to start. It means the door meets or exceeds the legal requirements for security. It also means it meets the requirements of Document Q of Building Regulations too.

Two examples of patio doors that are PAS 24 compliant are Genesis Aluminium Patio Doors and Genesis UPVC Patio Doors. They are both packed with innovative, high quality security features that will give you peace of mind that you have chosen a secure door.

Energy efficiency in the buyer’s guide to patio doors

You will want your patio doors to be as energy efficient as possible, to make sure they keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

U values and Doorset Energy Ratings give you the information you need. The lower the U value, the more energy efficient a product is. A Doorset Energy Rating of A is the most energy efficient rating there is. 

Genesis Aluminium Patio Doors have a U value of 1.0 when they are triple glazed. Genesis UPVC Patio Doors have a Doorset Energy Rating of A.

Choosing the colour of your patio doors

Both aluminium and UPVC patio doors are available in a range of colours, so your doors can blend in or stand out, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Aluminium Patio Doors are available in a choice of hard-wearing powder coated colours; Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) and Pure White along with a choice of any RAL colour to order.

Our UPVC Patio Doors are available in 30 different colourways, including woodgrain finishes.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail will ultimately show you the quality of a patio door.

For example, Genesis Aluminium Patio Doors feature a high-quality wheelset with each sash running on 10 self-levelling rollers to give you ultra-smooth, reliable performance.

And Genesis UPVC Patio Doors feature seamless Graf welded sashes and fully mechanical outer frame, so have a higher quality appearance than many other UPVC patio doors on the market today. The other benefit of the mechanically built outer frame is that it can be dismantled and rebuilt to enable access to tight or restricted locations.

You should also look out for the product guarantees. Both of our patio doors come with a ten year manufacturers guarantee so you can be sure you are choosing a good quality patio door.

The buyer’s guide to Genesis patio doors

When it comes to choosing patio doors, a good guide is the Genesis name. Products only make it into our collection if we’d choose to have them fitted in our own homes.

So, if you’ve read this buyer’s guide and want to get in touch with your nearest Genesis installer who can deliver the highest quality patio door for your home, click on the ‘Find Local Installers’ button at the top of this page and enter your postcode.