Buyers Guide to Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are a real design statement and the perfect choice for increasing kerb appeal when it comes to home aesthetics. In recent times they have been the default material of choice when it comes to styling modern homes due to their clean, simplistic lines, but the advancement in aluminium window aesthetics allows them to sit just as well in period-style properties too.

One of the main attractions of aluminium windows is their slim sightlines which allows the glass to take centre stage in the window aperture, creating the impression of space in a home, all while increasing natural light sources. And with an increased demand for modern styling, aluminium windows can make a positive impact on the appearance of your home.

But as well as offering superb aesthetics, there are numerous practical advantages to fitting aluminium windows. In this Buyers Guide to Aluminium Windows, we will discuss some key points for you to consider so you can be assured that you are buying only the best aluminium windows for your home.

More glazing, less frame

As mentioned previously, one of the biggest attractions of aluminium windows is their slim sightlines which allow for a wider expanse of glazing, giving that modern architectural design statement.  For example, our Genesis WarmCore Aluminium Windows deliver the very best window aesthetics and are available in a choice of window styles too.  These include, casement windows, tilt and turn and flush sash windows which aligns the window outer frame perfectly level with the opening part of the window for a ‘flush’ appearance. The choice of window styles available from our Genesis Collection makes aluminium windows suitable for every house style – from contemporary to traditional and everything in between.  

Thermal Performance

Historically, aluminium windows had a reputation for not having very good thermal performance. But thanks to new technologies, the thermal performance of modern aluminium windows has been transformed and offer some exceptional advances in window design and credibility.

Put simply, thermal performance measures how energy efficient your windows are – the better the thermal performance, the warmer your home will be in winter and the more comfortable in summer too. 

Thermal performance of all windows, including aluminium, is measured by their U-Value. The U-Value is calculated on the rate at which heat transfers through one square metre of a structure. The lower the U-Value is, the better the thermal efficiency is. 

Our Genesis WarmCore Aluminium Windows are 25% more thermally efficient than traditional aluminium windows. Double glazed Genesis WarmCore Aluminium Windows have a U-Value of 1.3 W/(m2K). and if you opt for triple glazed versions, the U-Value drops to 0.8 W/(m2K).   So, you can be confident you are fitting the most thermally efficient aluminium windows on the market today, which also exceeds Building Regulations’ requirements too.

Security Matters

Window security is an essential consideration in any home. All our Genesis WarmCore Aluminium Windows come with multi-point locking as standard which offers superior security performance. Furthermore, they comply with PAS 24 security as standard to keep you and your home safe.

Finishing Touches

Our Genesis WarmCore Aluminium Windows are available in a choice of colour options. There are two powder-coated colours, grey and white, as standard. These can be used in combination, so if you want the grey aluminium look outside, but a clean white appearance inside, with Genesis WarmCore Aluminium Windows, you can. And we also offer more colours if you would like to further personalise the colour of your aluminium windows to your exacting needs too.

Talk to us today

There is little doubt that the high quality of our Genesis WarmCore Aluminium Windows will enhance the beauty of your home. So, to start your journey and discover what the best in aluminium windows have to offer, talk to your local Genesis installer about WarmCore Aluminium Windows for your home. Just click on the ‘Find Local Installers’ button at the top of this page and enter your postcode.