Best windows for a new build property

If you’re a self-builder working on your own new build project, undertaking a new conversion or renovating an existing property, the choice of windows is one of the most important elements to the overall scheme. From contemporary window styling that makes a big statement to sympathetically authentic window designs for period style properties, your window choice will determine the final look and character of your property and as such, careful consideration is needed right from the start. So how do you make sense of it all? In this article we will discuss the key elements you need to consider when choosing your new windows.

Consider the legal requirements

Windows for a new build or renovation project need to meet or exceed all the legal requirements – this is the single most important factor you need to consider from the start.  Having said that, when you buy windows from a reputable supplier such as Genesis, you’ll be choosing windows that will have you covered from every angle.

First on the list is energy efficiency. Windows in a new build or renovation project have to meet minimum standards.  The Window Energy Ratings or WER scores provides an outline of overall value for how energy efficient a widow is.   This includes the thermal efficiency, solar gain and the air leakage of the window.  Windows are rated using a scale of A to G symbolising the total energy efficiency of the window. The minimum level for replacement windows under the Building Regs is 1.6W/ m2K, which is in band C

When you choose Genesis windows you will be choosing windows that comfortably exceed these standards. Double glazed Genesis UPVC Sash Windows have a Window Energy Rating of ‘A’ as standard. Double glazed UPVC Flush Casement Windows easily achieve a Window Energy Rating of ‘A’ or a U value of just 1.2W/m2k. And Genesis Aluminium Warmcore Windows have a U value of 1.3 W/m2k – 25% better than a traditional aluminium window. 

Windows on a new build or renovation properties need to meet certain security standards too and the best windows will deliver over and above. Rest assured, when you choose Genesis UPVC Flush Casement Windows, Genesis UPVC Sash Windows or Genesis Aluminium Warmcore Windows you’ll be choosing windows that will give you all the peace of mind you need – they all meet PAS24 standards for the ultimate in security credentials.

Then there’s the detail. The windows on your new build or renovation property will need to have trickle vents to allow for ventilation. Some of your windows will also need to be able to be used as a means of escape in an emergency and windows near doors will need to have toughened safety glass. Flush Casement Windows, Sash Windows and Genesis Aluminium Warmcore Windows offer all these features for your peace of mind.

Finally, the windows should be installed by a company registered with the relevant competent person scheme. All Genesis windows are installed by highly qualified professional installers who hold all the right accreditations, so there’s no need to worry on that score.

Check security levels

All windows have to meet minimum security requirements too. And again, good quality PVC windows will meet these standards as a minimum – and offer ways to upgrade the security even further for additional peace of mind too. 

Genesis PVC Sash Windows goes well beyond just the minimum and offers a host of security features, from reinforced frames to high security locks and hardware. You can choose to upgrade to PAS24-compliant windows, which means they meet the highest standards of security there are. The Genesis Sash window is also now ‘Secured by Design’ which is a Police backed initiative which recognises only the most secure windows. Genesis PVC Flush Casement Windows are fitted with high security locks and hardware too, which means they are available with PAS24, something you won’t find on many flush casement windows.

It’s all in the detail

Once you’ve found the windows for meeting the legal requirements on a new build or renovation property, it’s time to think about the windows aesthetics.  Do you need your windows to make a strong contemporary statement, or are you looking for quintessential British design that portrays all the authenticity of yester-year without compromising on your overall vision?

Once again, the Genesis Window Collection delivers on detail too. This is because we have taken the best the market has to offer and made them even better – completely raising the bar in window design.

If you are creating a heritage look with period aesthetics then choose Genesis UPVC Sash Windows. They offer stunning authenticity that’s hard to beat.

If you are creating a classic look or a cottage feel, choose Genesis UPVC Flush Casement Windows. They offer all the beauty of traditional casement windows with superb flush detailing for a seamless finish.

If you are creating a cutting edge, designer property, choose Genesis Aluminium Warmcore Windows. Their sleek, clean lines will show your new build property at its best.

Installation perfection

To talk to your local installer about fitting your new Genesis windows for your self-build and renovation projects, click on the ‘Find Local Installers’ button at the top of this page and enter your postcode. Or contact us direct at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can continue browsing our website and see the likes of our Sliding Sash Windows, Bifold Doors and more!