Best timber alternative flush casement windows

If you’re looking to replace your timber flush casement windows, you’re probably wondering what the best alternative is for your home.

Timber flush casement windows are aesthetically beautiful. They are a classic window design that’s been used for centuries in many homes around the UK and offer a quintessential British charm. 

But for homes fitted with timber flush casement windows realise, these windows need regular maintenance to keep them looking good and performing well. And while most modern timber flush casement windows are energy efficient, if you have original timber flush casement windows, your home is probably draughty and hard to heat which makes them an impractical long-term solution.

So, what is the best alternative to timber flush casement windows?

In this article we take a look at the two alternatives to timber flush casement windows – UPVC flush casement windows and aluminium flush casement windows. In doing so, it should help you decide what the best alternative to timber is for you.

Are UPVC flush casement windows the best alternative to timber flush casement windows?

For many people, UPVC flush casement windows are the best alternative to timber flush casement windows. They are easy to maintain, have lots of colour choices and offer exceptional security and energy efficiency.

The best UPVC flush casement windows also look virtually identical to the original timber flush casement windows. This means they not only offer great looks and performance but also real authenticity and historic charm in your windows.

Take our Genesis UPVC Flush Casement Windows for example. They have all the hallmarks of a Genesis Collection product – they are the flush casement windows we’d choose for our own homes and offer stunningly authentic aesthetics, right down to the classic mitred or mechanical joints you’d see on a traditional timber flush casement window. 

They are exceptionally energy efficient too, so no more draughts or cold spots. Security on Genesis Flush Casement Windows is excellent, compliant with PAS24 requirements when needed and giving you peace of mind that your home is secure.

Are aluminium flush casement windows the best alternative?

If you are looking for sleek, crisp aesthetics for your flush casement windows, aluminium might be the best alternative to timber.

Aluminium flush casement windows typically have slimmer frames than UPVC or timber. This means the glass takes centre stage and maximises the light in your home.

We believe that the best aluminium alternative to timber flush casement windows are Genesis Warmcore Aluminium Flush Casement Windows.

Genesis Warmcore Aluminium Flush Casement Windows have all the style you’d expect from aluminium windows, as well as PAS24-level security if required. What’s more, they are also 25% more thermally efficient than traditional aluminium systems which means there’s they’re class leading windows on energy efficiency too.

The Conclusion

Ultimately, both UPVC and aluminium are great alternatives to timber flush casement windows but the best alternative for you will depend on your home, your taste and your budget. As long as you choose your supplier carefully, you’ll be choosing the best for your home. And the best for your home should start with our Genesis Bespoke Window Collection.

Our Genesis Window Collection offers unparalleled design, quality and choice and raises the bar on window manufacture. For a further level or reassurance our approved installer network gives you access to registered professionals who will who are experts in installing your windows well. To talk to your local installer about the best windows for you, start by clicking on the ‘Find Local Installers’ button at the top of this page and entering your postcode. Get in touch and let us help you discover the Genesis Collection difference today.