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Bifold doors have become incredibly popular as homeowners strive to open up their homes and create more light and airy spaces, with the option to combine home and garden into one large usable space. Aluminium is a desirable material for its clean, sleek design and durability, but is often perceived to be too cold to put in our homes. Genesis WarmCore Bifolds offer a solution. This warm aluminium option is 25% more thermally efficient than traditional aluminium systems.


Genesis WarmCore doors are built with a revolutionary warm core that ensures your stunning, sleek aluminium doors, also keep your home warm. They’ll also keep you safe and secure with the very best security built in.


Traditional aluminium struggles to meet current legislation, forcing you to choose between aluminium aesthetics and thermal performance. With Genesis WarmCore doors you can have it all.

  • 25% more thermally efficient than traditional aluminium systems
  • U-Value of 1.4 for double glazed doors, beating the 1.8 requirement
  • Flexibility built in with multiple configurations
  • Custom designed 5 point lock running the full length of the door

Colour options
inside and out

Genesis WarmCore doors come in a choice of 4 powder coated colours that can be used in combination where required, so if you want the grey aluminium look outside, but a fresher white appearance inside, with Genesis WarmCore doors, you can. There are also more colours available on request.


Innovation in

Genesis WarmCore doors have a unique revolutionary thermal core that ensures the very best in thermal efficiency, without compromising on design. We Graf-weld them for superior quality and precision, so Genesis WarmCore doors are truly outstanding.

Genesis Warmcore Bifold Door Gallery

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