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Choosing good quality flush casement windows

Flush casement windows are traditional-style windows where the frame and the sash sit flush with one another – hence their name. Today’s flush casement windows have been perfected to replicate the aesthetics of a traditional timber window which date back to the 19th century. Flush casement windows depict British architecture perfectly, and can often been […]

Buyers Guide to Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are a real design statement and the perfect choice for increasing kerb appeal when it comes to home aesthetics. In recent times they have been the default material of choice when it comes to styling modern homes due to their clean, simplistic lines, but the advancement in aluminium window aesthetics allows them to […]

What is the thermal performance of aluminium windows?

Modern aluminium windows are a great option to increase kerb appeal and are particularly popular in contemporary homes throughout the UK.   They have long been the default choice among architects as the windows offer chic, sleek, contemporary lines and attractive slimline frames providing a larger glazing area. Aluminium windows are nothing new in UK’s […]

Choosing good quality sash windows

Sash windows are classically beautiful, graceful windows that have been augmenting British homes for centuries. Many of the UK’s architectural masterpieces were built with sliding sash windows and are often found in Georgian and Victorian-built houses. The original sash windows would have traditionally been manufactured in wood.  However, after years of wear and tear the […]

Mechanically Jointed Flush Casements

Nothing demonstrates British architectural beauty more than Mechanically Jointed Flush Casement windows. This popular window style has been gracing our homes for centuries and their distinctive appearance makes them an integral part of today’s British architecture. The window style gets its name by a combination of the window’s aesthetics and its method of production.  To […]

What are the best windows for a period property?

Period homes, be they Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian, were built in a specific time period and are beautifully characterised by their unique architectural styling. While each period property offers its own set of idiosyncrasies these homes have stood the test of time and offer quintessential British charm like no other. There is little doubt that […]